The Process of Writing Academic Papers and Writing Skills

Academic paper is a carrier form that reflects the results of scientific research, and is a means of conducting scientific research and expressing it. This is mainly to explain the results of research or progress, and to record new achievements, new technologies, new methods and new products that have not been reported by the predecessors. This report or record is very important for economic and social progress.

Writing academic papers is an important aspect in examining the talents and qualities of undergraduate and graduate students. Therefore, in some situations, students tend to ask for help from online writing services such as cheap essay writing.

Academic papers include academic papers, graduation theses, dissertations, and scientific papers. The process of writing academic papers can be roughly divided into:

outline, write the first draft, apply arguments, modify the paper and finalize the paper. According to the research methods of academic papers, the form and format of academic papers are also different. But the writing rules or writing process are basically the same.



Academic papers are summaries of the author and improvement in academic achievement, and the author’s sublimation on academic study material. Therefore, academic papers must be fully prepared before writing and writing. Preparation of academic papers has two aspects: material preparation and preparation for thinking.

Consult literature before the topic is determined. Understand the history of research and current disciplinary situations. Identification of research and results that have been done in the past in this discipline, understand the status of subject research to clarify the level of research and unresolved problems at this stage. Use the library to access relevant newspaper catalog indices, thematic and yearbook catalog indices, and produce bibliographic cards.

Outline formulation

The outline is the initial form and simple form of this paper. The main role of the outline is to help the writer focus on the overall situation and build the basic framework of the entire paper. This is the process of the writer to systematize and solve ideas through text symbols. This is the process of morphing a paper pattern, so that it forms a prominent center. A structured essay system will provide the basis and references for writing and revision of the thesis. Therefore, an outline must be prepared based on careful analysis of research material and conception.

Outline requirements

Outline requirements
Outline content topics and material are paper content, and structure and language are paper forms. To express theme and display ideas, the structure of content must be arranged fairly. The outline must outline a large pattern of article structures according to the needs of the theme and set the material for various parts of the article.

Content details

Starting from the content requirements, the outline of this thesis is detailed and abbreviated. The adoption of two outlines relates to the scope, complexity and length of the contents of the paper. This is also related to the preferences and habits of the writer. The author can run according to actual needs. In general, the outline of the paper does not have to be simple.

The first draft writing role

The first draft writing role
Writing the first draft is the most difficult stage in forming a thesis. This is not only the process of researching the contents of the thesis, but also the process of deepening the understanding of the author’s thoughts. The purpose of the first draft is to express all the content you want to write, and to analyze and classify all experimental data and data in detail. From the process of writing the first draft, it is also possible to know in time whether there are deficiencies or errors in the preliminary research work. In this case, the first draft is an important part of the research work.

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