The Photographer’s Interior Design Hack: Fine Art Printing


Photographer’s Interior Design Hack

It’s hardly surprising that designers, artists and photographers often have the most stylish and uniquely decorated homes. Having an eye for art lends itself well to finding the best wall art and accessories for the home. For those looking for something truly unique and personal to them, there is one professional photographer’s hack that might be worth exploring for yourself. And it’s more obvious than you might think…

Photographers are the most likely of all artists to have their own art on the walls. Getting gallery-level quality is easy with fine art printing services. While you may have family snaps or holiday pictures up on your walls too, you’ll likely never have thought of creating something like these photographers before.

The hack is – simply – knowing that quality matters. You can’t achieve the level of detail or clarity that large, inviting and impressive wall art needs with at-home printing or going down to your local pharmacy. Professional quality art demands professional grade printing equipment. One popular service – UK-based printers Digilab – describes it on their website best: “the finest printing materials… create photos that will take your breath away with detail and colour accuracy.”

With quality assured in the printing stage, all photographers have to worry about is capturing the perfect image and matching it to a space in their home. So what’s stopping you from doing the same thing?

If it’s merely a lack of ideas, or not knowing where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are some awesome ideas of fine art photographs you can take for each room in your home…
Interior Design Hack

Living Room

Very often the heart of your home, your living room is the closest thing you’ll get to your very own gallery. It’s where you’re most likely to entertain guests, so save the best pictures for here. What should they be exactly? Try to combine striking colours, beautiful backdrops and a little touch of the personal. For example, if you have pictures of you and your partner or family dwarfed by a gorgeous landscape that perfectly matches the colour scheme of your living room, go for that. Ostentatious or lovey-dovey couple pictures are so overdone – pick something that shows off your impeccable taste in location shots instead.

Dining Room

Similarly, the dining room is a great place to show off your photography skills to guests. If you’re well-traveled, why not boast about it quietly with shots of your favourite eating establishments from around the world – that cafe in Paris, that pizzeria in Rome, the corner deli in New York?
Dining Room


It’s a fact universally acknowledged that everyone hates those people who Instagram their food or their coffee but, secretly, we all do it ourselves! Where better to show off your food photography skills than your very own kitchen? Inspire yourself with glossy shots of your favourite ever restaurant meals. Or, if you’d prefer something a bit more carefully staged, take the time to photograph an ingredients table of fresh fruit and vegetables for a colourful, vibrant shot to hang on your kitchen wall.


The most private of all rooms in your house, your bedroom is the place to really be you. The closer-up shots of you and your spouse you saved from display in the living room? The bedroom is the ideal place for these. If you’re unattached or just want to express another side of your life, think first about what you’re most passionate about – maybe you love cityscapes, have a penchant for Brutalist architecture or have an impressive collection of photos of horses standing around in fields. Whatever dominates your camera roll, show off a little bit of yourself in the bedroom…


And don’t forget the bathroom! While it’s almost never the first place you hang art, you’re missing a trick if you skip it altogether. The place where you’re most often naked and doing ‘your business’, why not have a humorous family portrait with everyone covering their eyes? If that doesn’t appeal to you, keep it classy and pick the serenity of a nature shot. Something stimulating that’ll take you somewhere else in the world while you’re getting ready for work in the mornings, why not print a shot of a calm sea, mountain peaks, or sunlight peeking through a dense forest?

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