The Perfect Guide to Buy a Condo in Toronto City


Buy a Condo in Toronto City

You might be longing to buy a peaceful and cozy place for your loved ones. Well then you should go for a condominium often shortened as a condo. They are often cheaper both in terms of price and taxes. It is easier for you to pursue traveling to another area with peace of mind, knowing that once it is locked than everything will be taken care of. The Tridel Condos in Etobicoke is one of the best amongst this region.

Here is a guide that we are offering to the smart buyers to make their task easier. The following steps are:

  • Getting the Paperwork Ready

The lender will require a few factors before pre-approving your mortgage. He will run through your credit check, employment letter, last years’ T-4, and a notice of assessment to check the taxes paid.
Getting the Paperwork Ready

  • Knowledge about down payment

You will need to pay around 5% of the total price as initial payment to purchase a condo below $1 million and a 20% initial payment for the condos more than $1 million. If the payment is coming out of Canada it will need your bank account for no less than 90 days. You can also shift to the RRSP plan. If the part of the amount is gifted then the lender will verify your bank account.

  • Accessible Deposit

You will need to pay the deposit amount within 24 hours of offer acceptance. If the deposit is made online via bank transfer the amount to reach would take time. One should plan accordingly.

  • Government Programs

The Government is offering several pans and rebates for first-time buyers. Please help yourself with the incentive.

  • Pre-Approved Mortgage Clause

Pre-Approved Mortgage Clause
Some banks require a 20% down payment for properties under 500 square feet and many do not finance it. The lenders will also take into scrutiny the anticipated maintenance fees. It is better to put finance conditions.

  • Knowledge of Closing Costs

It is better to keep the knowledge about the taxes, legal and other fees to be paid by you.

  • Maintenance and Expenses

Get the information about the maintenance costs and other special expenses of these Tridel Condos in Etobicoke.

  • Put your team in place

You need to put your chosen realtor, real estate lawyer, mortgage banker, and helpers in the same platform to avoid the commotion.

  • Different types of Condominium Available

These Tridel Condos in Etobicoke comes in low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise buildings, and townhomes. Some offer authentic soft and hard lofts.

  • Condo Unit Requirement

You can also choose from the building size, storage, and amenities as per your requirement.

  • Market Study

If possible go through the market reports and look for the sale price. Talk to your agent for better clarification.

  • Intimation

Share all the information related to this matter with the person i.e. partner and parents who are associated with the process.

  • Budget Finalization

This part is the most crucial stage where you need to decide the budget as per the consequences.

  • Assistance

If you are not being able to take the appropriate option then take the help of real estate agents. One of them being the BREL team.

  • Online Search

Take the help of a website owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association. It pulls out all the information about the properties for sale. You can also fix an agent using various tools.

  • Visit Places

Before visiting, any place makes sure to inform the open houses that you are with an agent to avoid confusion.

  • Construction Due Diligence

It is better to check the developer’s reputation, quality of construction, condo management, building history, appearance, and management.

  • Details of Unit

Look for the perfect view as it may affect your resale value. As the neighbors will come and go, so it’s not your concern.

  • Other Lookouts

It is better to look for transportation options, grocery stores, parks, schools, and nightlife within your proximity.

  • Value

The realtor will provide you with information about the condominium and amenities. You will need to pay more for a happening location.

  • Proper Paperwork

Proper Paperwork
Be clear with the Buyer’s Representation or Customer Service agreement. FINTRAC is an identification document by the federal government. It is suggested to go through the confirmation of cooperation.

  • Keep the Deposit within you reach

It is a silent reminder so that you do not miss out on your favorite condominium. The deposits, bank draft or electronic fund transfer should be done within 24 hours of your acceptance.

  • Focus on Conditions

It is advisable to double-check the Financing, Status Certificate Review, and Home Inspection condition.

  • Offer Submission

Your offer will be made by the agent and it will be submitted to the seller for his acceptance.

  • Bidding

If more than one person is attempting to buy the same condo then only this happens or else not. Then, we need to take a certain strategy and approach.

  • Completion

This is the stage when you take ownership of the condo and have already paid for it.

  • Celebration

It’s time for a celebration since you have completed the deal.
The Tridel Condos in Etobicoke comes in the high-class design and that too within your budget. The condos are in high demand and considered a smart move right now.

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