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In a popular city like Los Angeles, the home of the much loved Disneyland, there is no shortage of amusement parks and entertainment for the million people who visit frequently just to enjoy thee rides. LA boasts of Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, and many other small scale amusement parks that have become so popular, it has people flying in from other states just to visit these legendary rides.

The amusement park is not always fun and games, literally. However you try to avoid it, there will be an accident that will occur now and then, for many reasons. It is not avoidable, even with many stringent policies.

Reasons causing Amusement park Accidents:


  • Some rides don’t allow pregnant women, people of old age, with high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and many more restrictions, which could harm them while riding. While pregnant women and aged people can be easily spotted and can be stopped from riding, it isn’t always possible to check every rider’s blood pressure or diabetes level. Guests may hide and still go on the ride, causing any physical injury.
  • The customer may not always follow the strict rules and regulations alike tucking your hand in and always wearing a seat belt.
  • Proper training and education may not be given to the person operating the ride, or he may be negligent and can cause serious injury.
  • When the ride parts are not properly maintained, causing rust or to age over time, affecting the ability to function properly.
  • Some rides may be very old and need to be replaced, but negligence by the amusement park officials may cause injuries.
  • Sometimes, it just happens, and it is not always possible to find the reason. The ride may be new, all the protocols were followed, and the guest did everything for his safety, but still, the accident occurred, that just couldn’t have been foreseen.

While amusement parks have stringent policies, it is not so defined with the local County fairs, where it can get tricky. Amusement Park LA attorneys in our firm are always there to help you make sense of how to go ahead, with both Amusement park injuries and local county fairs. We not only make a thorough inspection of the accident area, but we also check the training the operator has received and the maintenance of the ride. In case you face any issue, just contact the perfect amusement park accident lawyers in your city.

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