The Medical Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants and Veggies



Growing your own food can have a significant effect on both your mental and physical health. It can also significantly benefit the health of the environment as you grow as much as you need and harvest it in your own backyard, thus eliminating the need to travel and burn fuel. It is a simple solution to a variety of health-related issues as well as economic issues. Whether you grow a single vegetable or you have an entire vegetable patch in your backyard, it is beneficial to your health. Here are a few medical benefits of growing your own plants and veggies at home.

More Nutritious

When you grow your own food, you open yourself up to a more nutritious diet. Homegrown veg is much healthier, as it is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants. Freshly harvested veg does not only contain more nutrients, but it is also far tastier within its first hour out of the ground. Nothing is better than the flavor and nutrient-packed goodness of freshly picked fruit and veg. It is completely unprocessed and in its purest form, unlike store-bought produce. Most store-bought produce goes through extensive processes after being harvested, while it is prepared to go to the shops. Between being harvested, shipped, and distributed to stores a lot of nutrients and flavor is lost. Once produce has been distributed, it is left in storage or ends up on the shelf for an extended period of time before it is eventually purchased.

Healthy Herbs

If you want to try your hand at growing herbs they are an excellent starter to your garden. They can be beautiful ornamental plants, or you can use them. Some of the best herbs are rosemary, thyme, mint, and lavender. Herbs have all sorts of health benefits and can be used for natural remedies as well as cooking to add those fantastic bursts of flavor to any dish.


It Helps You Stay Active

Gardening is a great way to get outside for some much-needed fresh air. It also doubles as some physical activity. The physical activity required to garden, even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, has been proven to promote your physical health. It improves your cardiac health as well as your immune system response. It decreases your heart rate and stress levels and improves your fine and gross motor skills. It even helps with flexibility and body strength.

It Can Make Your Yard More Inviting and Boosts Your Mental Health

Regular outdoor exercise can relieve stress, but it also boosts your energy helping combat mental health issues like anxiety and depression. A garden can add life, color, and beauty to your yard, regardless of whether it’s a fruit and veg garden, or just one filled with beautiful plants that make you happy. The smell of blooming flowers, ripening fruit, and veg makes your garden more inviting for you, people, and pollinators alike. Plants like beans and fruit trees double as beautiful flowers and produce food. More flowers mean more pollinators, which will in turn make your other plants grow faster.

You Get That Much Needed Vitamin D

Gardening is a great way to naturally get that vitamin D you need. Vitamin D is important to promote healthy bones and teeth. It is also needed to protect you from getting or developing certain diseases. It is one way that you can get nutrients before even taking a bite of your produce. Spending as few as 30 minutes in your garden a day can lead to better sleep, a more positive outlook, and more energy.

Fresher is Better and Cleaner

As you now know, once produce is harvested, it begins to lose its flavor and nutrients. The freshness of your vegetables is largely out of your control when you shop at the grocery store. When you’ve grown your own food at home you can control what sort of pesticides were used and you know exactly when they were picked. Many pesticides are bad for people to consume and can cause a variety of health-related issues if they are not correctly cleaned before consumption.


Now that you know just a few of the health benefits of growing your own plants and vegetables it’s time to get out your gardening tools and stock up on some seeds. Growing your own food means that you are able to have proper fresh ingredients for your meals, but there are a bunch of other benefits to home gardening that you probably didn’t anticipate. When growing a garden you need to be aware that different plants have different needs. Consider your garden and plant the appropriate type of greens. Also be sure not to place them too close together, as this will cause some of them to smother others.

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