The ‘Love-To-Do’ Routine You Need In Your Life

 Where do you find inspiring ideas for your projects? Did you find it sitting at your work desk? Some people find inspiring ideas during their runs or hikes up in the mountains. Some people find inspiration while playing basketball with their kids. Some people find an idea when they are putting the finishing touches on a birthday cake they were icing. 

All of these things are ways people get inspired- in other words, this is their ‘Love-To-Do’ list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that they are doing. For instance, some people are inspired or motivated when they are lying down in the afternoons doing nothing except looking up at the sky and eating a sundae cone. It helped them accept silence as well as listen for inspiration. 

The ‘Love-To-Do’ list is that list that you create for yourself to do the things ONLY you love. Once you start practicing this, you’d be more satisfied with both life and work. This is not to say that you should throw away your to-do lists and screw work. Nope! You’d still have to create that presentation; you’d still need to sign up for that PTA meeting and you’d still need to put in that 30 minutes of cardio- it is life and it needs to go on. 

The objective of the ‘Love-To-Do’ list is:

  • to help you approach work tasks without a sense of dread.
  • about creating something that is energizing and enjoyable 
  • you have the motivation that feels pretty much bottomless
  • about channeling your positivity from your daily, mundane activities of life

The problem with what all of us are facing is that our society and culture have this huge amount of lazy shame. We can’t live with ourselves if we are not producing something. So, when the weekend comes, you need to be guilt-free. 


Here’s how you do the ‘Love-To-Do List’:

  • Do not need to feel like you need to be busy for the sake of being busy. Your list can and should include things like taking a nap or going out for coffee.
  • Use your phone or journal to list down some activities you’d like to do that make you feel happy, invigorated, calm or content.
  • Not every weekend is going to be a weekend that isn’t busy. But when you do have weekends with no agenda, no workshops, no soccer practice- relax and recharge either on your own by doing your self-love ritual or with your family.
  • Call in a cleaning service like Texas Xtreme Cleaning to get the cleaning job done for you while you take a break.  

When you settle into your keyboard come Monday morning, you’d be less pulled back into the Monday blues that most people seem to have.

You will not experience the same feeling of dread because you know that you can always pull back if you need to. You can also do a little of what you love or a little of your love-to-do ritual on a workday. 

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