The Layout Your Rooftop Bar Needs

Chilling out in a comfy rooftop bar while enjoying a 360-degree view of the adjacent surrounding gives a unique and authentic experience. It comes with an altitude advantage that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Rooftop lounges can be fun, but before you settle on a given design, you want to make sure it creates the perfect outdoor space for your unique needs.

Why Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars are an irresistible attraction, and their popularity is just getting better. Many people would choose to party on a rooftop beer garden and not one on the ground floor. The reasons go deep beyond our taste and preferences. It has something to do with our psychology and primal needs. Height is a sign of power and dominance. Taking an elevator to a rooftop cocktail lounge on the 17th floor feels more satisfying, which is right in most cases.
Why Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars also provide exceptional views and guarantees extra ambiance – fire pits, comfy sofas, and pools. All these features offer a unique customer experience.

Rooftop Bar Layouts and Examples

The layout you choose to adopt in your rooftop bar will determine the overall look and the experience your customers will have every time they step onto your rooftop. We’ve highlighted some sample layouts and their perfect examples below.

Preserve the Ambiance

When designing an eye-catching rooftop layout, architects and interior designers are often keen to preserve the building’s natural ambiance. Nowadays, designs don’t need to look utterly sophisticated. By keeping the natural feel of the building or structure, you create a rooftop that blends well with the existing architectural designs.

Some of the world’s top-rated rooftop bars have been designed to preserve and respect the existing features – whether classical or contemporary. A perfect example is the Monkey Bar rooftop terrace on 25hours hotels. This bar retains the jungle feel of the adjacent Tiergarten zoo with a light Moroccan-tinged décor. Cocktail classics are common here, and the 360-degree views of the beautiful Berlin’s western reaches are quite irresistible.

Be Creative

Bringing out the best of a rooftop bar narrows down to creating a welcoming atmosphere out of open space and mix & matching the critical aspects of outdoor décor. It’s all about developing an unforgettable concept that catches the eye. Any creative idea can transform an average layout into a beautiful design.
Be Creative
An example is the NYC Rooftop venue, which utilizes a whopping 5, 000 square feet of outdoor space to create a dream rooftop destination in the heart of New York City. This spot has been designed as both an entertainment haven and a serene sanctuary where private meetings occur. This unique and creative design brings out the best of both worlds. It not only increases foot traffic but leaves the customers wanting to return.

Get Cozy

Most rooftops are a bare combination of brick, steel, and concrete. Carving out the best of outdoor space from such a setting can be tough. It’s, therefore, necessary to soften the edges and introduce some well-thought-out design aspects. At times, adding a few canvas cushions, outdoor rugs, some accent lighting, or paper lanterns brings out a comfy hideout.

Several architects are now taking the design game, way ahead of others. They are designing rooftop bars that are noticeably more futuristic in a fun and playful way.

Examples are Sirocco Bar in Bangkok, and the rooftop bar in Searcys Club London, which features unusual design aspects. Their plans strike a delicate balance between fantasy and modern architectural inventions. Your perfect rooftop layout doesn’t need to get this complicated. Provided comfort and convenience are unparalleled; you’re already offering what the market genuinely needs!

Go Green

Restaurants and hotels are venturing into the rooftop bar affair in style. Perfect inspiration to going green is pulling out a striking rooftop garden. If you’re yearning for some leafy touches, your rooftop bar is a great space for creativity.

The Rock Bar in Bali and the Rooftop Bar Terrence in Hollywood are perfect examples. These bars create a beautiful fantasy with fabulous light fixtures, open terraces, polished furniture, and rooftop gardens.

There are a couple of plant species that need direct sunlight to thrive. You also want to choose a rooftop growing guide to make sure you’re planting the right trees and veggies. A few potted shrubs and flower baskets will also add a delicate touch to your go-green rooftop layout.

Choose Your Firepit

A rooftop bar without a fireplace is probably a failed project. Fire pits are crowd-pleasures. It not only creates a focal point at any outdoor gathering, but the warm dancing flames radiate some irresistible charm. They are quite versatile, and you’ll need them all year-round. In the summer, people will converge in your rooftop bar for a barbecue, and they’ll need your firepit in winter to keep warm.
Choose Your Firepit
When choosing a fire pit to suit your rooftop bar, you want to factor in all the design aspects. Firepit safety and versatility are the two factors you would want to keep in mind. There are several fire pit options to choose from – wood fire pits, natural gas fire pits, and propane fire pits.


The perfect layout for your rooftop bar will depend primarily on your unique needs and preferences. The market is full of creative ideas, and it would be best if you choose one that matches the existing design aspects. This will create a pattern that’s in harmony with the current environment, tone, and texture. The few examples we’ve highlighted above are great for drawing inspiration for your next rooftop projects. Be keen to consider safety, access, weather, and convenience before proceeding with the design process.

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