The Key Uses of Kreg Router Tables

If you’re a professional or someone who enjoys doing some advanced wood projects, you need to have the best router table. This table is most suitable for those who intend to use them for some specific purposes. 

No wonder, many professionals already know about the unique features and functions of the router tables, making them a must-have device. But if you’re not aware of the various uses of a router table, perhaps you need to read this post because it explains the key uses of Kreg router tables. 

Easy to use on small material

A router is a tool that is designed to work on any material regardless of its size. You can use it on small pieces as it makes it easier to perform edge work and profiling. You see, it can be hard to use a hand router because it’s almost impossible to clamp small pieces and work on them. 

Instead, you require a full-size router to do the work effectively. Even worse, it can also be difficult to work on some materials, especially when you want to put a chamfer inside the disc. The good news is that you can use a router table to work on small pieces as it’s easy to do.

kreg router tables1

Dust collection

The dust collection is perhaps a game-changer when it comes to woodworking on a router table. If you have once used a wood router, likely you are aware that they can create huge amounts of dust. It can be overwhelming when you’re doing heavy work, so you need a router table that has a built-in dust collection accessory. 

In most cases, you can see the dust collection around your router as it’s built into a box, so the dust collects on the fence. Therefore, if you’re using a router table, you will not have any dust because everything gets collected. This is great for many woodworkers because you don’t want to have lots of dust collecting on the tool, meaning you can keep its work surface clean to have better accuracy in your work.

Profiling edges

One of the commonest tasks you can use for a hand-held router is profiling edges. Therefore, you can decide to do a round-over or even do a chamfer as you have a reference surface on its bottom. 

Besides, you can have a bearing on the bit to help you to create consistent results quite easily. In other words, the table router can perform the same function as it has the same bearing bit. Hence, you can place a router table to make it easy to take a piece of material and run it against the bearing to get the same consistent results.

kreg router tables2

Template cutting

A hand-held router and a bearing bit can also be used to double side the tape or even secure a template to your piece. Then you can copy what the template is using with a template bit. 

With a router table, you can get quicker results as you don’t need to secure the template to the stock. This is because you don’t need to hold the tool at all, but it makes it easy to hold the template.

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