The Importance of Pest Control


Pest Control

Maintaining the landscaping of your home and making sure that everything is always as beautiful as you envision it can be a really tedious task when you need to focus on pest or more importantly bird pest control.

If you have a home situated close to lots of greenery and you have really tall trees surrounding your home then chances are you are going to have a few additional guests renting with you from time to time. Part of their rental might include loads of guano piling up in some places that could become dangerous if you do not take care of it. Bird guano can be toxic to humans and little children are most at risk because they enjoy tree climbing or playing in the outdoors alongside your home. 

Wild Birds

The one thing that you need to understand at all times is that it is illegal to remove birds on your own especially if they are wild birds like pigeons or seagulls. Although seagulls are most found at harbours or beaches, they seem to find their way around the city very easily and to remove any of their nests would require you to call a bird pest control specialist. Wild birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act. established in 1981 so their nests and their eggs cannot be moved unless you call a professional pest control company to assist. The company would need to be certified and actively working with the law to allow them to remove the birds safely and rehome them in an environment that is better for them. 


Pest Control1

There are a few ways that you can prevent bird pest control from becoming an issue around the home. A mixture of chilli, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can be sprayed regularly around the ledges and window sills to stop them from using your window sills and balconies as a bathroom. Using anti roosting spikes might ruin the aesthetics of your home especially around the windows so opt for the spray twice a week. Remember to use gloves and a mask when cleaning up excess pigeon or seagull guano. The dust can be toxic and cause lots of different infections so wear protective gear. Spray it with water and bicarbonate of soda to soften it and then clean it up thoroughly. Bleach can be used to clean the area thoroughly afterwards so that you can be certain that any mites or small insects do not lurk behind. 

Moving forward

It is virtually impossible to keep birds off your property and to keep their guano cleaned up all the time. Just remember that preventative methods help to make the task easier and don’t necessarily mean that it will keep them away forever. Pigeons and seagulls found ways to make nests in any nook and cranny, but if it becomes too big a problem for you to maintain on your own, then call a professional to assist you so that both you and the wildlife stay out of trouble.

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