The Features and Benefits of Installing Quartz Countertops in Your Home

The natural luster of Quartz countertops makes them more suitable than other types of countertops, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. They are regarded as high-end surface materials that are hard and fitted as surfaces. They are made from the agglomeration of stone-like substances bound together with resins before being pressed into sheets. Quartz materials don’t need any sealing and that is why they are far better than natural stones, the sealants of the Quartz materials are the resin. The following are the most important features and benefits of Quartz countertops;

Excellent Looks

Excellent Looks

Quartz countertops are vibrant and shiny even when you look at them from afar. The natural luster makes it more attractive than other types of countertops. Unlike the usual laminates, Quartz does come with a deeper and almost a three-dimensional appearance that makes it seem like natural stone. If you want to improve the value of your home during a home remodeling operation, simply go for Quartz countertops.

Extreme Hardness

One of the most desirable features found on Quartz countertops is the extreme hardness. The Quartz material is extremely hard hence it is ideal as an excellent work surface. The material is composed largely of minerals. It comprises of about 34% inorganic binding materials and 66% organic minerals- the Laminate countertops cannot compare in this regard. The laminate comes with a wooden base which gives it some hollow feel.

Very Few of Zero Imperfections

Very Few of Zero Imperfections
Quartz is made from slab granite which is ripped from the earth and then sliced into sheets. As a natural product, it is expected that a slab will have some minor imperfections. Installers normally have harder times dealing with quartz than they often do with granite and some other natural materials and the reason for this is that quartz generate much less waste and it is quite predictable.

Engineered for Better Appearance

Many Quartz products have been engineered by quartz countertop phoenix manufacturers to enhance their colors, by simply bringing those colors to the surface through a pigmentation procedure. In addition to color enhancement, some other types of materials including stones and glass, that can be incorporated into the Quartz -resin mix. Quartz does provide some fascinating appearance and is the better alternatives to Granite countertops

Quartz is a Bargain When It Comes to Costs

Quartz is a Bargain When It Comes to Costs
Quartz is a very great cost-bargain when compared to their alternatives. The prices can vary depending on the quartz countertop phoenix seller, but it is normally sold per square foot. Some of the most popular options of Quartz are the Cambria, Siltstone, Dupont Zodiaq, and Caesarstone. As expected, the inclusion of Quartz countertop to your kitchen and bathroom can greatly increase the price of your home. According to recent surveys from realtors, the replacement of old countertops with Quartz alone can increase the price value of a home by as much as 7%. Quartz is far better than stone which has lots of unpredictable defects.


One other benefit of Quartz countertop that is worth mentioning is the low maintenance cost. Quartz countertops can last for decades because of their durability and strength, hence there will be no need to replace them. The installation of the quartz materials can take some time but the benefits therein are more than what any other countertop can provide. Quartz Countertops come in wide varieties of colors which makes it easier for you to choose the ones that match the interior of your home and you can rest assured that interior décor professionals will help you make the right choices that will suit your needs. Quartz materials offer more value and functionality than other types of countertops, hence they should be considered ahead of others.

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