The Emerging Trend of Your own Jacuzzi at Home


Jacuzzi at Home

While it is cold outside, you can relax inside from the warm water. This is the start of a wonderful period to regularly pamper yourself with a relax / spa moment. With the emerging trend of having your own Jacuzzi at home, in the garden or on your balcony, you no longer have to go to the Wellness Center for a spa treatment. With a jacuzzi you can transform any outdoor space into a luxurious place to relax in your own environment at any time. What could be better to enjoy this luxury with your partner after a busy working day? Or how about a cool party with your friends in a hot tub or bubble bath?

Jacuzzi in the garden

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The warm water has a relaxing effect and has a healing power. The water and massage jets relieve tension in stuck muscles and stimulate blood circulation. The therapeutic effect of a Jacuzzi appears to be greatest when the outside temperatures are considerably lower than the temperature of the water. So let the cold come and make good use of it.

We know your own hot tub or jacuzzi from images from Scandinavia and Russia, for example. There, these heated baths are used intensively. Why don’t we just adopt this good habit? Due to the fixed water temperature of around 38 degrees, they can be used all year round. A Jacuzzi also requires much less maintenance than a swimming pool. The new baths also need less energy to stay warm. 

Jacuzzi at home

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Now also in Europe, a private jacuzzi in the garden is becoming increasingly accessible. You don’t even have to have a large garden for this because you can place it in the corner, on a balcony or on a roof terrace. With an outdoor shower and a few sunbeds or lounge chairs you really finish it off.

TIP: Make sure that the construction of a roof or balcony can bear the weight.

If you are planning to purchase a Jacuzzi, you can choose a ready-made whirlpool or have it put together according to your wishes. Then you choose the number of seats, lighting, certain massage jets or even a television on board. It just depends on where your wishes lie. For a wide range of whirlpools and spas you can go to Fonteyn in Uddel. Take the time to compare, get advice and take a “test bath” to experience the bath optimally.

Why should you buy a hot tub?

A hottub is a real asset. The hot bath thus offers quality time for you, your partner, friends or the whole family. However, there are more reasons why a hot tub is a great addition to your garden. Research has shown, among other things, that the warm water of a hot tub relaxes your muscles. This relaxes your entire body. Nice if you regularly exercise or (often) suffer from an injury. The warm hot tub water also has a positive effect on your feeling of stress; it relaxes the mind and reduces stress. In addition, it has also been shown that a hot tub can have a positive effect on your night’s sleep. A short session in the hot tub before bed can help you sleep deeper and get more out of your night’s sleep. Try to experience these products and plan a visit to a jacuzzi outlet in the neighbourhood for a brand new jacuzzi or hot tub.

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