The Driveway Gate – An Essential Fixture for Any Property

The driveway gate is an essential fixture for your property or home. It needs vigilant precaution not only for safety but to improve the visual appeal. This is the first thing visitors see of your home’s style and charm while visiting or passing by.

It is good to give a thought to your property’s first impression and security as well.

The driveway gate ideas greatly depend on the intended purpose of fixing a gate on the property’s entrance. It is not a simple point of access and exit. Sometimes you need a higher level of privacy and safety that demands a solid wrought iron or timber clad as a driveway gate. Functional and beautiful should be the two main concerns for an entrance gate. Following are a few points to consider while selecting a gate for your property:

Matching the home architecture:

It should match your overall house architecture and color scheme. If your home is having a more formal kind of architecture then choose gates with curved tops and sophisticated metal works for elegance and luxury. For informal architectural homes, select simple tops and flat design garage doors for that added flair and style.
Matching the home architecture

Consider the available space:

Just because you need a driveway gate doesn’t mean that you can pick any design and install it. Space is one of the main things to consider. Swing doors need a lot of flat space whether to open inwards or outwards. Also, we need to consider the single or Bi-parting swing option depending upon the space.

If there is not enough space for swing doors, then you must go with sliding doors which are great for steep driveways. For tight spaces slide doors are suggested if there is not enough space for the swing door to open fully.

Retractable and overhead driveway gates are other options as per the available space and preference.

Gate Material:

Gate material can be chosen as per your preference. Things like budget, matching architecture and security all have to be considered. Several materials are used for making driveway gates. The most common materials are wood and metals.

If you need to go with a wooden rustic look and are looking for more privacy, weather-resistants, and long-term durability that a wooden driveway gate might offer a more attractive solution. A better choice for the door frame would be a combination of steel for durability and holding up the structure and wood for privacy and aesthetics.

A stainless steel doorway gate frame will be expensive but more durable and stronger than normal steel or wood. Metal gates are preferred for a variety of styles and designs. They can be open for versatile visibility possibilities with a classic look.

Automated or Manual:

Automated or Manual
Your driveway gate can be manual or automated. You may consider an automated one for convenience and practicality, however, they can be expensive. Automated gates are great during wet weather, as there is no hassle required for accessing or exiting the driveway. Sliding gates are easier to automate and don’t take up as much space as swinging driveway gates.

Remote-control entry, keypad entry, through a call (to open or close the door) or using sensors (specific for exit) are the options for automated doors. These are practical security options to deter unwanted visitors. However, they must be installed by professional engineers.

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