The Dos & Don’ts of Modern Kitchen Design

Whether you’re embarking on an all-out home renovation or simply looking to update a tired looking kitchen, interior design is tricky business. With so many different aspects involved in designing the perfect modern kitchen, it can sometimes be a little murky as to what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Thankfully, we’re here to take a mighty load off your shoulders with our list of the do’s and don’ts of modern kitchen design in 2022. Sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you! 

Modern Kitchen Design Do’s 

We’ll start this article on a positive note by diving  into 2022’s modern kitchen must haves with our extensive list of kitchen design do’s. Follow these tips and you’ll be steps closer to a space that looks like it belongs in kitchen showrooms all over the world! 

Do: Prioritise Function Over Fashion

First and foremost, function must always come before fashion. Don’t get us wrong here, the goal is indeed to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. However, the kitchen of your dreams isn’t just one that looks good – it is a kitchen that can easily be used, cleaned, organised and factored into your daily life. Choosing fancy tiles and flooring may be fun, but if your kitchen isn’t functional, it will never look or perform the way you want it to. The most important question to ask yourself is: ‘how do I want to use this space?’. Are you someone who loves entertaining? Maybe you’re an avid home baker who would really benefit from all marble countertops that are ideal for pastry making. Whatever the case, we recommend creating a checklist of the features and functions that are the most important to you. 

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Do: Consider Flow & Connection 

As cliche as it sounds, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. More often than not, kitchens are situated in the most central area of the home and are surrounded by a variety of other rooms (the living room, dining room and much more). As such, a modern kitchen space should be designed holistically with other areas in mind. Flow and connection should be one of the top priorities when designing your kitchen, so always consider how kitchen joinery can work to bring different rooms together. If you are unsure as to where to start, something as simple as a kitchen island is a fantastic addition that you can begin with. 

Do: Mix Hardware/Metal Finishes

The days of ensuring every finish and accessory matches in your kitchen are long gone. In fact, modern kitchen design now embraces the idea of mixing and matching various elements, colours and styles to create a well balanced kitchen that is sure to remain relevant for years to come. For a variety of different ideas on how you can mix your hardware or metal finishes for an ultra modern look and feel, be sure to check out this article

Do: Consider A Butler’s Pantry

The butler’s pantry has gained a huge fan base over the last couple of years, and with good reason too. This modern pantry not only hides ingredients and food items away from sight, but it also gives you a functional space to hide various kitchen appliances (think the microwave, toaster kettle and so on) in order to free up a monumental amount of counter space. Essentially a mini kitchen within your kitchen, a butler’s pantry is hidden from sight behind a wall or door, but still gives you easy access to everything you need. 

Modern Kitchen Design Do’s

Now, let’s look into the design trends and options that you should definitely give a hard pass. 

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Don’t: Choose Speckled Granite

Once upon a time, speckled granite was all the rage when it came to kitchen counters. Well, thankfully things have changed in 2022 (phew!). Avoid brown/tan speckled granite at all costs, unless you want your kitchen to look like it’s setting a scene for a 2004 rom-com. Instead, opt for butcher’s blocks, marble or quartz. 

Don’t: Go Crazy With Colours

A bold feature wall is definitely something we love and recommend, but colours can get overwhelming if you use too many of them in one small space. A colourful kitchen is also guaranteed to age badly, so you’re better off choosing neutral permanent fixtures, cabinetry and appliances. Colour can then be easily injected with the help of lighting, stools, art and accessories.

Don’t: Leave Unsightly Gaps 

When designing your kitchen, always remember – don’t leave gaps! A gap between the top of your cabinetry and the ceiling creates a space that quickly gathers dust and dirt and can also close up the area by making your ceiling feel lower. For a more polished look, extend your cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. 

Other gaps such as the space between your fridge and cabinet should also be fully maximised/utilised with the help of pull out storage in order to create a seamless finish that is free from unsightly gaps and openings. 

Don’t: Skimp On Lighting 

We can’t adequately stress how important a part lighting plays in any kitchen. The right lighting will ensure safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility for anything you need to do in the kitchen. The last thing you want is to be handling hot pots, pans and knives in a poorly lit area – a total recipe for disaster. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re going for a pendant light, bigger is better. If your kitchen doesn’t have a window or is poorly lit, invest in some bright LED downlights or strip task lighting.

Kitchen design is a difficult, yet extremely rewarding task – if you get right. The perfect modern kitchen design is one that seamlessly blends aesthetic value, functionality and storage to create a practical kitchen that can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the family. We hope that our list of kitchen design do’s and don’ts has proven useful and we wish you all the best in your renovation endeavours! 

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