The Difficulties of Moving during a Pandemic

Due to the pandemic’s many effects, many people have decided to pack their bags and relocate. They may be moving for economic reasons to a less expensive place. Many city-dwellers, for instance, are moving to the suburbs as the closure of businesses, restaurants, hotspots, and workplaces have robbed the cities of their former allure.

For those with health conditions such as autoimmune disorders that could be further complicated by the coronavirus, it may be necessary. But moving is a big life change and it brings with it many not-so-pleasant adjustments and sacrifices. Here’s what you’ll be dealing with when you relocate.

Hidden costs

While it may seem like you’re doing the right thing in moving to a less expensive area, don’t forget that there are also hidden costs in relocating.

Apart from the base prices of the moving company, you also have to make preparations for the possibility of overnight fees, should they fail to deliver your belongings by the end of the day.

Other things may also happen while en route to the new location. You may fail to reach your destination on time and decide to stay the night at a hotel. One of your more expensive and possibly uninsured possessions may break or get lost during the move. There’s also a possibility that you or the movers may also have to illegally park to unload your belongings and that will lead you to incur a parking ticket.

Your pay may be decreased

 The pandemic and the economic recession that followed in its wake have left many worldwide struggling to make ends meet. Naturally, it makes sense to move to a place with a lower cost of living so you’ll have fewer expenses. But you’re not the only one who’s looking for every opportunity to cut costs  your employer may be, too. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s employees who relocate to less expensive areas during the pandemic will have their pay slashed accordingly.

It will affect your kids’ mental health

Moving during a Pandemic2

While your children have no choice but to follow your decision to relocate, that doesn’t mean it won’t affect them. Studies show that excessive residential mobility in childhood can leave lasting impressions on an individual’s mental health.

Childhood years are crucial in one’s development. It’s a stage in one’s life when they most need stability in their environment. Adults are more psychologically and emotionally mature and are therefore more equipped to deal with changes. But for a child to have too much change occur during their formative years can lead to anxiety and depression in later life. In many cases, your child’s anxiety or depression about the move may even manifest in misbehavior.

Rather than frame the move as something your child has no say in, make sure to help them prepare for it. This involves talking it out with them beforehand and asking them what you can do to make the process easier.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, some relocations may be necessary, such as with those who have autoimmune disorders. But if you can help it, make sure that you can stay in place. The more you move, the more disruption you’ll be causing in your child’s life, making them more likely to develop mental health issues.

Long-distance friendships

The sad truth is that friendships are harder to keep in adulthood, more so when you’re living so far away from one another.

We’re all familiar with repeatedly making plans to see our friends, only to have those plans repeatedly canceled or postponed. In many cases, this pattern keeps on going until both parties cease to initiate plans to catch up, at which point the friendship seems to have ended. When moving to a different state or country, it’s safer to assume that the same thing will happen to you.

The pandemic

The reason why many of us are moving in the first place is also one of the biggest obstacles you’ll have to face during your move. Moving naturally involves leaving the safety of one’s bubble, and the pandemic has only served to make that prospect more terrifying. Ensure that you travel with health and safety measures in place. Mask up, limit your interaction with people who aren’t members of your household, and disinfect regularly.

Relocating is a big, life-changing decision. Once you’re sure that you’re going to do it, make sure to anticipate all the hardships that will come with it. Above all, help your family members  especially your children  prepare for the move and observe the proper health and safety measures.

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