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The Devastating Dangers Of Delaying An External Paint Job!

When someone says, you need to repaint your home’s exteriors, you raise your eyebrows thinking about the reasons for the same? Did the house look so worn out and old that people are suggesting you to repaint it soon? Or is it that it’s the season for renewing exteriors which has given birth to this thought? And all you could think of are aesthetic reasons to convince you for an exterior painting job!

But actually, exterior painting goes beyond just making the house look new and beautiful. Just like your skin veils your naked tissues and muscles and protects it from all the external damage, a paint layer on your exterior walls does some similar tasks for your home. And that is why it’s primarily important to get the job done by experts like Kowhai Painters, renowned house painters in Auckland, when the need arises. They ensure to send across their best, expert workers for the job and perfectly lay an attractive coat of your preferred paint on the walls.

What happens when you delay the exterior painting job of your house?

What happens when you delay the exterior painting job of your house

The first thought that comes to your mind when thinking of a painting job to be done on your exteriors is to delay it for some more months, until the next season may be? Why? Because you often consider just the interiors impactful, and the outer side of your house mostly takes a backseat. Also, if you want to save or can afford either your interior painting or exterior house painting, you’d rather choose the interiors first and leave the exteriors for later. This may seem a relevant decision now, but can actually increase your expenses later. Want to know how? Read on!

  • The ultraviolet rays can destroy your wood and walls —We know ultraviolet rays are harsh and severe. When you aren’t painting your exterior walls, it directly touches your wood and bricks all laid on the exterior side of the house, affecting it badly. The wood may start cracking, drying and there can be much more than just this damage. While a nice quality, coated paint blocks these rays keeping the inner materials intact for long.
  • Water can damage your property — Apart from the sun, the water is the next big culprit having the power to damage your exteriors if it isn’t coated well. We know how tragic extreme rainfall and snowfall on your walls and building structure can be! A coat of paint that’s suitable for exteriors acts as a shield against the water damage securing your home from damages like cracks and water leaks in the interiors.
  • Bees and bugs are culprits —You know how unhealthy the infestation of termites and bed bugs can be in your home. And do you know how this starts? It’s mostly through an unpainted, unmaintained exterior wall. The layer of paint eradicates all such risks and provides protection on your cement wall and wood in your house. This in turn, safeguards your house against all kinds of bugs and insects.
  • The peeling and chalking can be too inconvenient— A house that hasn’t seen a fresh paint over a decade often looks too dilapidated and untidy. There can be hairline cracks, peeling of the wall and even wider cracks on the same. And this doesn’t only spoil the area around it, but can also grow rapidly — soon making your home look years older than it originally is.

exterior painting job of your house
So, aren’t the consequences of delaying your exterior paint job too scary? Then why not skip the delay and get the needful done right now?

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