The Brands That Have Been Part of History

Just as is the case with the history of Christmas villages, having a knowledge of history helps you to better appreciate the changes and progress recorded in various fields over time.  

Over the years, many fashion brands have played significant roles in historical events. From famous fashion brands to brands that were not as famous until their activities in historical events brought them to the limelight, our world’s history wouldn’t be complete if these brands are not recognized for the stellar work they have done.

Here are a few personal and business brands that have been a significant part of history, and the roles they had to play.

1. Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa was a child of the typical Italian, upper-class family in the 1930s. When the time was right, Elsa came under the intense compulsion of family members and loved ones to conform to the normal lifestyle at the time – which was to get married, have a number of children, and make her husband and children the center of her world until she passes on.

Although a part of her knew that there could be more, she forced herself to be the woman that was expected of her.

Her life took a different turn when after she was delivered of a girl, her husband left her all to herself. Forced into becoming a single mother in that way and not willing to become a bad example for her child, Elsa created a new path for herself. Focusing her attention on the skill she had come to discover that she had (the skill of combining fabrics in breathtaking patterns), Elsa was able to chart a course for herself.

She ultimately moved on to become wildly successful in the fashion industry, even without formal training in the art. Elsa’s work received a lot of international accolades, and she became a source of inspiration to many females who would have otherwise given up on life.

2. Christian Dior

Christian Dior

The revolution caused by this brand was initiated during World War II in the 1940s. At the time, there was a scarcity of fabrics and this caused women’s clothing to be basic, and free of any forms of designs. At the time, what was more important was the utility.

In 1946, Christian Dior launched his fashion business – the house of Dior. This business was more interested in creating elaborate female dresses that had tight bodices and flowing skirts that sometimes demanded tens of yards to be completed. This was the new face of fashion at the time, and more women were able to get clothes that were beyond basic.

In addition to the revolution of fashion he initiated, Christian Dior and his business were able to revolutionize fashion shows to become more public and more grandiose events.

3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a more recent fashion brand, but this has not stopped the impact the brand has made in the world’s history. Established in 1968 by New Yorker – Calvin Klein, the brand played a pivotal role in making women’s suits and coats a mainstream clothing item.

After the successful debut of the brand, they channeled their attention toward the manufacture of minimalistic, high-quality jeans for males and females. This one decision and their decision to create an underwear line had an effect on the modern world. Everyone, in some way, has heard of the Calvin Klein brand.

4. Omega Wristwatch

Omega Wristwatch

Everyone knows about the first man to land on the moon – Neil Armstrong, but what many people do not know of is the first fashion accessory to attain such a feat.

Following the successful expedition of the first man to land on the moon, Buzz Aldrin led a team of men and on July 21st, 1969, they landed on the moon.

History has it that at the time of this event, he was wearing an Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch which had been tested by NASA and deemed fit for the journey he undertook. As a result, this wristwatch was tagged the first of the watches that went to the moon.

Fashion has played a significant role throughout history, and as is evident, many fashion brands aren’t only obsessed with selling out their wares but have contributed significantly to the safety of people at different times.

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