The Biggest Interior Design Trends We’ve Seen so Far in 2018

Now moving into the second half of the year we thought we’d take a look over the biggest trends we’ve seen so far, from natural beauties to retro style, 2018 is shaping up to be an amazing design year.

Boho style Bedroom

Natural Beauty

It’s all about the natural beauty of the earth in 2018 with earthy colours and features coming into the home. Bright retro colours are out, replaced by natural tones and environmentally friendly designs to boot. But it’s not all about browns and greens. The Pantone Colour Institute named ultra violet the colour for 2018, a sharp nod of the head to 2018’s strong feminist movement. Women in the home are embracing natural beauty and pairing whimsical shades with bold pops of colour for flair and earthy tones throughout.

The trend has also made its way into the kitchen. While marble is still the preferred choice for homeowners, many have chosen to calm the marble down with little Carrara seen in 2018. Green and brown marble is being used more. Thin benchtops are now on trend rather than thick stone benches. Harking back to our home’s predecessors, wallpaper is now the new norm over paint. Again, it’s all about the natural beauty with geometric and organic wallpaper patterns the trend.

White Living Room

More is … More

When it comes to décor, 2018 is screaming ‘more is more’. It’s all about abundance and pairings this year. Velvet is one of the top trends this year, with everybody after velvet cushions and even arm chairs. As in 2017, brass has made its way into the year’s top trends as well, with brass objects and décor a big winner. When it comes to objects it’s all about handmade, organic and retro décor with handmade glazed ceramics, mouth-blown retro coloured vases and natural eco-friendly wooden and bamboo items. Indoor plants are everywhere in our homes in 2018. Again another big winner in 2018 holding strong from last year’s top trends. Indoor plants aren’t going away anytime soon.

Plant Decoration

Glamourizing the Everyday

Everyday rooms are getting more attention than ever in 2018 with home owners adding a touch of glamour to the kitchen, bathroom and now laundry. In an interview with Domain, Designstuff Founder, Christina Fedders stated:

It’s all about elevating the everyday and making essential tasks more enjoyable. When people feel the need to tighten their budgets, they still feel happy to spend money on beautiful designs that they will use every day. Beautiful designs for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry represent investment, functionality and money well spent.

Laundries are getting huge makeovers this year with feature tiles for splashbacks, pendant lighting and ample storage. When it comes to these rooms, again, more is more, with Pinterest calling 2018’s interiors “unapologetically over the top”. This shows home owner confidence in their own design skills and we couldn’t be more pleased about that. Homeowners are experimenting with their own spaces more than ever before and creating truly original and empowering interiors.

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