The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Vinyl Floors:


Vacuum Cleaner 2

Atvel F16

This modern wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides both dry and innovative wet cleaning. The vertical design and the absence of wires allow you to clean faster and without unnecessary effort. The 150 Watt airflow efficiently sucks up not only your debris and hair but also liquids. The motorized nozzle with a textured roller perfectly wipes away juices, sauces, and other dirt from any flooring. As it works, the vacuum moistens and squeezes the roller, and the dirty water goes into the trash can.

Unlike models with a wipe or just an aqua filter, F16 technology provides a complete floor cleaning without puddles and drips. A replacement bristle roller is designed for carpet cleaning. Quality air purification is another advantage of the Atvel F16. The air is blown out and passes through a class 12 HEPA filter. To maintain efficiency, it is enough to wash it occasionally. There is no need to wash the vacuum cleaner because it has a self-cleaning function. It can be activated at the same time as charging by placing the device on the base.

Vacuum Cleaner 1

Thomas Aqua Pet & Family

The best vinyl floors vacuum because this vacuum cleaner is distinguished by its power (325 watts), as well as additional functions of liquid collection and air cleaning along with dry and wet cleaning. The device is equipped with two types of filtration – there is a dust bag as well as an aqua filter of 1.8 l. The dust suppression complex creates a small “shower” whose jets wash the air from even the smallest contaminants and settle the dirt in the water. In the kit, you will find 6 nozzles, which will help to clean floors and carpets, do wet and dry cleaning, as well as pick up pet hair. They are easy and simple to change, and can be kept on the body due to convenient latches – thanks to this change of nozzles will not make you stop cleaning. The vacuum cleaner’s rollers have no problem dealing with small obstacles. All filters (foam and HEPA) can be washed with water. Pleases and the ability to attach a bag to the body to 6 liters to remove large debris – crumbs, scattered grains, etc.

Bosch BWD421PET

The device has a capacious dust canister and aqua filter with a capacity of 5 liters. There is a separate container for detergents. In addition, there is an additional compartment for the storage of nozzles, which will eliminate the need to find space for accessories. In addition to the basic functions of dry and wet cleaning, the device can collect liquid. The cord length of 9 m will allow you to clean a large enough area without the need to switch the unit. Also pleasantly pleased and the function of the automatic coiling cable, which is not available in all models.


These models are perfect for any kind of cleaning as these models are among the best, so you can safely choose one of these models.

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