The Best Trends in Luxury Interior Basement Design

It’s 2022, and people are spending more time at home than ever before. As a result, homeowners are getting creative with their interior environments and extra home space. Offices, studios, playrooms, and gyms have taken over, and a surplus of social media keep ideas flowing. DIY projects have entered a new era and the fast and easy access to online purchasing and tutorials mean limitless inspiration.

If there was ever a time to finish your basement, it’s now.

Building the Basement of Your Dreams

If you have a basement that you know you could be getting more use out of, you may find yourself frustrated. It can be a challenge to decide on the best route to take when making the most of your home – you have free reign, but the limitless potential may have an overwhelming effect.

To help you start enjoying your basement sooner than later and execute the best possible basement interior design, we’ve done a round-up of the top basement interior trends for 2022. Here you will find a medley of inspired ideas and functional decor to ensure that going downstairs is a treat.

A New Level of Family Entertainment

Although the home theatre has been a hot feature for some time, as technology continues to develop, so does this idea. Instead of tuning in and dropping out to your favourite films, many families choose to make their basement a modern game room. Virtual reality gaming systems are only growing in popularity, but a lot of them require more space to move than classic televised video games. As such, the versatility of an open basement entertainment space is a great central idea.

What’s more, newly accessible entertainment tech such as projectors makes it easy to toggle your space between functionalities. Having a massive wall-mounted flat screen is fantastic – if you don’t have kids or other rambunctious family members to worry about. Ensure your basement can be used to its fullest potential by keeping an open concept without sacrificing movie nights.

Choosing to go this family-friendly route doesn’t need to be boring, either. Amp up the area with textured accents and bright paints, or select an astute built-in shelving project for a beautiful feature.

Guest Suites They Won’t Want to Leave

Another exciting trend that we have seen bloom in terms of basement interior design is the evolution of the guest suite. In this instance, we are talking about bedrooms and bathrooms. Thanks to the evolution of travel and vacation rentals, a lot of folks are capitalizing on their extra space by making it available to rent.

If you’re not up for the challenges of renting out your living space, this is still a worthy consideration for anyone who frequently has friends and family coming to visit. A lot of folks are opting to completely ditch the crowded upstairs spare room and remodel their basement to include a total suite for their visitors. This particular renovation includes the opportunity to splurge on an additional bathroom. Although your guests might like to stay longer than you intended, once they’re gone, the sauna shower you couldn’t fit upstairs is sure to be a relief!


Fit & Fresh

Finally, now more than ever in the wake of a pandemic, we find that people are investing in at-home gyms. Even without a large collection of equipment, it can be surprisingly easy and effective to remodel your interior to include ample space for working out and staying fit.

Additions could include appropriate flooring, mirrored walls, reinforced beams and ceilings, and more. The at-home gym upgrade has also become very popular with folks who have niche fitness hobbies that require consistent, high-level training. Whether you or your loved ones are hooked on gymnastics, boxing, or even hockey, a well-designed interior gym is a great investment for the long term. Not only will you save on membership, admission, and equipment rental fees – the convenience of only having to travel downstairs for your early-morning workout can’t be beat!

The Right Touch

Although we’ve only covered our three favourite trends for this article, we hope that we’ve inspired some great interior design ideas for your basement. These generalized ideas are all easily modifiable to suit the agenda of any household and can be combined with many other great features. For example, adding a walk-out entrance or swapping the gym idea for an art studio.

Regardless of how you feel after considering the above trends, it’s always advisable to speak to a professional interior designer before making final decisions. They may be able to open your mind even further to the possibilities of your basement, and will be able to provide you with unique feedback to best inform and inspire your project.

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