The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners For Your Smart Home


To have an intelligent house from the fiction books is not a dream now. There are many smart devices and robotic systems that can make your home smart and intelligent and your living easier and more comfortable, and you can control these all with one tap of your finger on the smartphone display. Smart Thermostat controls the temperature and air humidity, Smart Lock secures the house from unwanted guests, robotic cleaning devices wash the windows and vacuum the floors; and they do all these things without your participation ― you only control and schedule their work.

In this article, we will develop the theme of the robotic vacuum cleaners as the ideal addition to your smart home system that can save your time and keep the house clean. To be exact, we will give short reviews for five best robot vacuum models.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Before we get started, here are several words about robot vacuums.

The robotic vacuum cleaner or so-called robovac is an intelligent autonomous device that can easily replace traditional vacuum cleaners. It has neither a wire nor a hose; the inbuilt battery helps the device to work autonomously. Special sensor panel detects the dirt and powerful motor vacuums the garbage through the hole in the bottom of the device.

The robot vacuum cleaner is quite small in height and can get the hard-to-reach areas, for example, under the furniture. They are also very silent in comparison with a traditional vacuum cleaner; it allows to call them as pets’ friends.

Five best robot vacuum cleaners for the Smart Home

According to the customers’ reviews the most popular models of the robovacs are in the following list:

  • Roomba 980;
  • Neato Botvac connected 7D
  • iLife A7
  • Ecovac Deebot M80
  • Robovac 11S

Roomba 980

Roomba 980
IRobot is the most popular robot vacuum cleaner brand on the market. Roomba 980 is one of the latest models of the most powerful 900 series. The device is perfect for carpets and hardwood floors and has a unique Carpet Boost function that increases the suction power 10 (!) times.

The device also has five stages of cleaning mode, rather a long run time (up to 2 hours), and auto-resume function which allows the robot vacuum cleaner to resume the vacuuming after recharging.

The complect of the brushes is also quite impressive. The Roomba 980 has the tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes and edge sweeping brushes. With such a complect and excellent suction power the device can clean even long pile carpets and rugs. The perfect wi-fi and mobile app compatibility can connect and work with smart assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as you can control the vacuum cleaner remotely due to the iHome mobile app.

The only disadvantage of the Roomba 980 is its price. The device is rather expensive for the thin pockets. But if the money is not a problem consider purchasing this robovac.

Neato Botvac connected 7D.

Neato Botvac connected 7D.
Neato is a great rival for the Roomba vacuum cleaners. Several Neato models with almost the same functions cost less but offer the user almost the same ergonomics. Runtime and suction power.

Neato Botvac D 7 is one of the latest and most powerful models of the brand. It has a unique D-shape design with corner-clever sensors. So, corners are not a problem for this robot vacuum cleaner as for other devices of round shape. A unique sensor system including Smart Laser navigation and Floor Planning system help the device to navigate and detect the dirt of any kind.

Botvac D7 has a lithium-ion battery with a lifetime up to 120 minutes. But the device has no auto-resume function. So, after recharging it won’t return to the work unless you command to start cleaning again. The brush complect is not as rich as Roomba’s. The device has only a spiral combo brush without side brushes.

Neato Botvac D 7 has several disadvantages; it is too noisy. The noise production can reach almost 70 dB, that is equal to the traditional vacuum cleaner. It lacks the side brushes that makes side cleaning not as good as it could be.

ILife A7

ILife A7
ILife is another popular robot vacuum cleaners brand. It performs the robovacs of the middle price level and has quite a tolerant customers review. ILife A7 according to some authoritative information from iLife comparison reviews is the best choice among the brand models.

The device has a compelling model of the 3rd generation. This motor is used in the higher level models and performs excellent results thanks to its unique suction power (over 1200 Pa). A7 also has two brush types; the main brush at the bottom has an addition of the side brushes that can reach the angles and walls.

Lithium-ion battery with 2600mAh capacity produces almost 2 hours of the trouble-proof work with a recharge time about 300 min. ILife A7 has advanced sensors to navigate through the rooms but lacks the voice control and some other essential functions used in the models of higher level brands.

In spite of its disadvantages A 7 has quite a good 2.4 GHz wifi connectivity, so, you can control it remotely.

Ecovac Deebot M80

Ecovac Deebot M80
Deebot M80 is one of the latest models from the Ecovac brand. The device has all the new features and functions that make it desirable to almost every home. It has 5-levels cleaning system that includes carpets, hardwood floors, and pet hair. Also, there is the in-built mopping system that allows wet cleaning.

Deebot M80 has smart navigation that has a sensor panel with anti-falling and anti-collision sensors. So, the device can “see” the stairs and obstacles. You can manually choose the cleaning mode. It has four mode types: auto, edge, spot and intense. With intense mode, you can reach a significant result both on the carpet and hardwood floors.

The lithium-ion battery can produce a lifetime of about 110 minutes. When the battery charge is low, the device goes to the base and recharge itself. The unique helix brush system can produce a perfect result, but in some cases, M80 cannot perform its bets. For example, this model doesn’t work correctly on the long pile and shaggy carpets.

In spite of some disadvantages, Deebot M80 has great mobile connectivity, so, it’s perfect to use in the Smart Home systems.

Eufy Robovac 11S

Eufy Robovac 11S
Robovac 11S is the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner from the Eufy brand. It has the motor with suction power over 1300 Pa. It means that the device can work with hardwood floors as well as with carpets.

Robovac 11S has a new generation boost technology that increases the power of the device. Unfortunately, this technology decreases the battery lifetime. So, the more battery capacity gives the same 100 minutes lifetime as in other lower level models.

The device has three brushes to make the cleaning more or less efficient. Of course, its cleaning parameters are not as good as Roomba’s, for example. But still, they are good enough for the rooms with low traffic.

The essential feature, the 11S has, is its quietness. Yes, the device has only 55 dB noise production that makes it baby and pet-friendly robot. Affordable price and excellent connectivity make it desirable in every Smart Home system.

Final words

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the best addition to the Smart Home. They help to keep the house clean as well as they save your time. These devices can easily replace the traditional vacuum cleaners even if you have no the Smart Home, for the robot vacuums can work separately from the universal Smart Hub.

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