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The Best BBQ Tips to Start Practicing Right Away

The Best BBQ Tips to Start Practicing Right Away

Cooking over a fire not only takes time to prepare, but it also takes a great deal of skill to come outright. While it might be overly dramatic for us to say this, it takes a lot of perseverance if you come out on top with a tasty and well-cooked BBQ dish. To get the same results, however, you’ll have to follow some useful tips below to the letter, after which you’ll successfully be able to become a BBQ connoisseur or at least a partial one.

Waiting for the right moment to cook and not jumping in immediately

The process of Barbequing takes a ton of patience and concentration to improve over time. For example, you’ll need for the flames to die down before you want to spring into action. By that, we mean that the coals should emit a gray and glowing color. If and when you’re able to spot this, then you know that’s the best moment to cook.

Are you using the right fuel?

In lots of countries, charcoal is the preferred item to create the fire but it is usually bought when you’re in a hurry from the nearest petrol station. Keep in mind that charcoal significantly changes the way your food tastes so you’ll have to use it appropriately. In the majority of the cases, we recommend using lump wood charcoal. It resembles a burnt tree and it will deliver the best flavor when it comes to cooking your food. If you think you’re a professional, here’s something else you can try. For example, you can try adding wood chips to your charcoal to refine the result.

Get the temperature bang on

The best result will depend on the temperature the food is being cooked at. If you’re out in the wilderness and you don’t have a set of temperature reading tools at your disposal, you can always use your hand to get a small overview of that temperature. Simply hold out your hand from about five inches away from the grill and see how long you can hold it there comfortably. If you feel that there’s too much heat generated from one side, simply put all the coals to the other side, so you’ll be able to concentrate heat from someplace else.


Get the best tools

If you don’t have the best tools to help you with your BBQ session, then you’ll probably end up blaming the tools instead of blaming your cooking skills. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to follow the example of The Kitchyn. These guys use proper tools and aren’t it a wonder why they have the best dishes made at the end of the day? With that being said, if you are able to, head down to the latest store to pick up your favorite tools or simply order them online. Looking at how simple online shopping has become, it would be a waste to start a BBQ session without having the proper set of tools in your cooking artillery.


Don’t ruin the vegetables

A BBQ process can often mean that you ignore the vegetables, but keep them and consuming them can be the best decision for you. Keep in mind that if you get the technique right, flames can make vegetables taste great. The best part is that you won’t have to make any effort oiling or seasoning the vegetables. Just flame them away and you’ll have yourself some awesome sidelines to devour along with the BBQ dish.

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