The Best Accessories to Elevate your Wardrobe This Autumn


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While it’s true that summer is fading into memory, there’s still plenty to be excited about by the changing of the season. Adding accessories to your outfit this autumn offers a whole host of positives. From doing your bit for the environment, to glamorizing every part of an outfit, the best accessories will help in every detail.  

Here are some ideas of how brilliantly made and designed accessories can enhance your wardrobe this autumn.

A Stylish Pair of Shades

A classic look will be set off beautifully by a fine pair of designer sunglasses. An on-trend retro look is beautifully brought out with a pair of 70’s and 80’s inspired shades. Oversized frames and coloured lenses of rosy, red and blue mirror set off a striking look. Autumnal tones of browns and greys in glasses also add a fantastic look for the season. 


Careful investment in high-quality items will offer a sustainable approach to shopping. This can minimise the harmful effects on the environment. By having fine pieces that are returned to again and again you will smartly and ethically style your wardrobe.

Completing an Outfit

Investing in luxurious accessories like high-quality watches and necklaces will finish off a look brilliantly. The best designs will round off even the simplest of outfits in elegant fashion. Trying out the finest materials and expertly constructed pieces offer the chance to produce a uniquely memorable look. 

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High Impact Bags

Coordinated bags that match the colours and patterns of an outfit have recently made a big impact on the fashion scene. The camouflage-look of having a bag by your side that mirrors the main themes of the outfit is a brilliantly impactful way to style. Colourful prints and patterned themes on both bag and clothes work together for a terrific style.

Jewellery Shine

Autumn’s a great time to try out a brand-new look, and powerful jewellery can be a defining part of this. The fashion industry is fully clued into this, with oversized pendants, high-status earrings and choker necklaces bringing out a striking look.

The great thing about wearing jewellery items is that if you’re not entirely sure which piece to wear, you could simply layer them. By mixing and matching bright and bold jewellery pieces, you can bring the party to wherever you are. 

Hooped earrings have also made a comeback recently in the style stakes. Autumn this year is all about bigger is best. This means striking hooped looks that brilliantly set off any outfit.

A Belt to Enhance

Large, buckled belts are making a come-back as style items to set off a variety of outfits. Low-slung belts with fancy bejewelled buckles will beautifully distinguish trousers, slacks, party dresses and suits. 

This autumn is a fine time to experiment with the belted look by trying out wider belts with a variety of different outfits. The result can be impressive in the way they optimise the overall distinctive look. 

Party Heels and Power Platforms

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Recent shows in Paris and Milan have shown us the future – party heels are back in vogue. Sky-high stilettos and surrealist heel treatments have showcased the beauty of retro footwear.

Platforms have also bridged the gap between popular styles of flats and high impact looks by offering a higher level of comfort. While this makes them easier to manage, the power statement remains just as vivid. Classic retro style for Autumn is brought out brilliantly with platforms and party looks.

A careful selection of the right accessory holds valuable answers for a striking look. Getting the details right – no matter how small, or big, they are – will take an outfit to the next style level. 

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