The Benefits of Plastic Sheets for Home Improvement

As desirable as glass is for adding some class and style to your DIY projects around the home, it is not always the most practical option due to its weight, cost, and the risk of chips or cracks ruining the aesthetic. Thankfully, in many cases there are types of plastic sheeting available that make for an excellent replacement for glass and all kinds of other materials when it comes to home improvement and DIY.

Plastics sheeting has a number of very beneficial properties for projects. As well as being waterproof, it is also durable and shatterproof. Better still, it is light and simple to cut, meaning that the only limitation to your projects is your creativity.

So, what can plastic sheets be used for? To answer this question, we will need to look at the two most popular varieties – acrylic sheets and PVC sheets.

Acrylic sheets

One of the most popular uses of acrylic sheets is to create a bespoke kitchen splashback. Choose the colour and finish that best suits your style and the pieces can be cut to size and fitted with construction adhesive, giving your kitchen a new lease of life in moments.
Acrylic sheets

The variety of acrylic means it is ideal for smaller DIY projects as well as arts and crafts, often as an affordable substitute for glass. These projects could be as simple as shelving and photo frames, or as elaborate as new furniture, such as coffee tables and chairs.

Another great place to upgrade your glass into plastic is the greenhouse. Not only is acrylic transparent, but also has an impact resistance many times greater than glass, making sure that stray footballs are not going to cause any expensive damage. Better still, a new greenhouse will not require deep foundations, because of the reduced weight. This will help to make new builds far cheaper and easier to install.

With a wide range of colours and finishes, acrylic is ideal for a wide number of projects, but if you are looking for materials for home improvement rather than interior design, PVC may be the best option for your project.

Foamed PVC sheets

There are two types of PVC sheeting that are ideal for using in home improvement, but they have very different purposes:

PVC foam sheets are incredibly versatile and easy to manipulate. Commonly they are used for making signs or displays as an alternative for MDF. The material is light, but also strong and rigid. This means that it can be fitted onto walls with screws or Velcro. With all of these properties, PVC foam sheets are ideal for those people who are looking to flex their creative muscles and brighten up their walls with prints or artwork.
Foamed PVC sheets
Solid PVC is well known for its resistance to chemicals, pressure and temperature, making it ideal for roofs, sheds and other outdoor DIY projects. Despite its durability, solid PVC is very workable, making sawing, shaping and drilling simple tasks. With thinner sheets, it can even be folded.

PVC sheets for floors or ceilings are quick and simple to install, saving both time and money when compared with tiles and other alternatives. PVC is waterproof and therefore not susceptible to mould, making it an excellent material for bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen renovations. Finally, PVC is also a good material for insulation and housing cables as it does not conduct electricity.

So whether you are looking to create crafts, make repairs, or completely redesign a room, there will be plastics sheets perfect for your home improvement and DIY projects.

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