The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutter Doors On Your Home

Installing roller shutter doors is an excellent way of protecting your home from the wind and rain. You can install a roller shutter in your garage, or even your garden shed to secure your expensive tools and equipment. There are tons of benefits of installing roller shutter doors in your home. Find out more by continuing to read below. For a comprehensive list of all roller shutter benefits please check out this ultimate guide.

Protects Your Property Against Harsh Weather and Environmental Elements

If you live in an area with poor, inclement weather, you need roller shutter doors to protect your property against hail damage. Also, installing roller shutter windows is a good idea for optimum protection against weather and other harsh environmental elements.

It’s essential to ask the roller shutter company the right questions to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality roller shutter door for your home. Asking the right questions will help you choose the best type and material for your roller shutter doors to protect your home against harsh elements. Here are some examples:

  • Are your roller shutter doors made from virgin aluminum or recycled aluminum? Recycled aluminum tends to have impurities that allow oxidization, causing damage and rust-formation on the painted surface over time.
  • Are your roller shutter installers industry-trained with years of installation experience? There are many companies still employing unqualified people to install roller shutter systems. Improper installation may cause excessive strap wear, and you’ll need to replace the straps frequently.
  • Do you provide after-hours service? Being able to contact the roller shutter installer when problems arise is important for a hassle-free experience.
  • Are you quoting an electric or manual roller shutter door? Manual roller shutter doors require more maintenance as compared to a good quality electric roller shutter door.
  • Do you honor warranty repairs? A good roller shutter company accepts warranty repairs given the acceptable time frames.

Reduces Outside Noise

Reduces Outside Noise

External noises coming from your neighborhood or vehicles can disrupt your focus and concentration, most especially if you’re working at home or you’re trying to let your baby sleep. The good news is that roller shutters can minimize outside noises while also transforming your home, considering the overall look and functional features.

When it comes to noise reduction, roller shutters can help reduce up to 80% of all external noise that enters your home. Remember that even soundproof roller shutters or windows can eliminate 100% of all noises. However, using glass blocks with a different sound frequency to aluminum, along with roller shutters, can considerably reduce the overall noise levels.

Insulates Your Home

Insulates Your Home
One of the best benefits of roller shutters is its insulating capability, as many are specifically designed to be fully insulated. A roller shutter door can stop the entrance and exit of heat inside your home, stopping heat by up to 90% and minimizing the cold by up to 70%.

Reduce Heat Loss

Blockout roller shutters can help reduce heat loss through your glass doors and windows during winter for up to 70%. When the roller shutters are externally fitted, an insulated air pocket is created between the window and the shutter, providing faster heating time. It means that you’ll enjoy a warmer home in the freezing months.

Keep Your Home Safe

With cheaper brands of domestic shutters, security is an illusion, because these roller shutters are not as strong and burglar-proof as they should be. Lower grade or recycled materials such as polycarbonate or plastic means that the roller shutter can be easily lifted using a crowbar or bashed in. However, security shutters with the right materials have a dramatic impact on keeping your home safe.
Keep Your Home Safe
Here are the things you need to look for when searching for security shutters:

  • Virgin Aluminium
  • Powerful motors, like German motors
  • No large gaps (which a crowbar can be easily wedged into, prying open your shutter)
  • Manual lock (for manual shutters)
  • Wind clips or any locking system
  • Non-rust material

Energy Saver

Roller shutters are energy savers. The installation of insulated roller shutter doors and windows can help reduce home energy costs. It’s because roller shutter doors have excellent heat retention, keeping your energy bills down.
Here are the best features and specifications of high-quality roller shutters that help reduce energy costs:

  • Foam-filled laths for excellent thermal insulation
  • Powder coated
  • Use sealing technology
  • Full safety system
  • Fast operating motor


Installing roller shutter doors provides a lot of benefits to homeowners. Roller shutters provide insulation, noise reduction, energy-saving, protection against harsh environmental elements, and safety against burglars. It’s worth your money, time, and effort because you make your home a safer and more comfortable place to stay.

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