The Avenir Launched in Singapore, Condo Details Revealed End 2019

The Avenir is brand new freehold estate project. It is a brainchild of Hind Leong and Guocoland, experts in property development and management. Being a standard orivete development project, Avenir condo is strategically placed within the vicinity of the River valley area.

People who wish to live in luxury or in worldcalss homes can harness the mega launching of the Avenir to kick start their journey to a comfortable apartment. The Avenir is up for grabs and for development. Follow the official launching date as it unveils.

The Avenir is pregnant with lots of positives. The proposed Great world city MRT is within walking distance from the Avenir. The Singapore River is not exempted as.occupants can also trek to have a view of the Singaporean waters. A view.of the estate plan indicates that Avenir will have a set of condominium facilities and there will be consistent connectivity linkage from the Avenir to the City and to CBD. It quite a great news and its heartwarming to reside close to the Great world MRT. This is indeed a rare privilege.
The Avenir launched in Singapore, Condo

Residents would have an express movement to and from islandic well as the CBD.Carmel development PTE limited is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the development of Avenir condo. A lot is expected from them since they are world class and award-winning estate developers. Guocoland limited, Hong Realty (Hong Leong group), and Intrepid investments are the sole managers of the project; hence; Avenir is billed to be a masterpiece.

They will strive to meet the expectations and the confidence reposed on them by ensuring that the bliss of River valley vicinity is harnessed positively.

Every one can attest to the fact the environment is beautiful. About SGD$980 million was spent to acquire the property in march 2018. A plethora of Eye brows were raised when the news of came that such colossal amount of money was spent on the property. It goes down memory lane as the most expensive land acquisition in the last one decade.

The tender of the project is mouthwatering and very profitable. It has attracted developers from across the world. The broking firm, CBRE has out in a lot of effort to ensure that the project meets its expectations. Avenir, a freehold website is sprawling and the testimonies are shown in the tender results. Resident would have little to worry about shopping because the shopping centre in orchard road is very close to the freehold site. More so, the central business district and the Great world city MRT station would serve lots of purpose.

Residents would not stress theirselves for shopping. They wouldn’t need a cab because the giant shopping malls are just a stone throw from the Avenir. Within 5 to 8 minutes, you can trek from district 9 to orchard road where you would find malls, shops, hotels, and leisure centres. The great wall city mall is easily accessible via Killiney road, so residents would not have anything to worry about.

The Avenir is not only beneficial for shoppers, but for parents and kids who wish to acquire quality education. One of the best primary schools in Singapore, the River Valley primary school is situated in within the River valley area. You wouldn’t board a cab or drive to school. It is just 750 meters between the Sommerset MRT and the project site of Avenir condo. From 2022, it would better because the Great world MRT station would be completed.

Concept of the design of the Avenir Singapore

Concept of the design of Avenir Singapore
Avenir condo is designed to offer convenience and comfort to the occupants. A view of the design plan will keep you tongue tied because it is simple and awesome. The estate comprises of two 36-storey high towers. The high towers are perpendicular to each other, thus reducing the breakdown in communication between the two towers. There is immense privacy but occupants can clearly see each tower.

From the the towers, occupants can clearly see the Singapore river as well as the orchard without any hindrance. The design of the tower covers for all the important amenities. There restrictions, because any occupant of the estate can harness the facilities. Families would be very comfortable with the basic amenities which are set-up to cater for their daily needs. The comfortable ambience in Avenir will surely resonate to other Residents of the River valley and Bukit Timah road.

The elevations of the towers are done in accordance with the required standards and they are well reinforced. It will have two levels basement car parks where the cars can be parked. In addition to these, the towers are comfortably placed on the decks of the landscape.

The Avenir condo is designed to be very spacious. It is akin to the Good wood residence which is also designed by Guocoland. A large span of land is freed up so as to compensate for essential facilities, lawns, and even gardens.

Avenir is unique not just in design, but the finishing is high-quality. The luxury in the fittings is world class. Residents would surely walk into smart home and smart technology appliances.
Concept of the design of the Avenir Singapore
Avenir units will surely attract people who wish to reside in spacious rooms. The units are large enough to occupy singles, doubles and families. It is bigger than the normal unit size. The small units are very popular but the Avenir units will surely be in alignment with the progressive trend. Single bedder units is 500 square feets and above while triple bedders are at least 1,142 square feet but the size can have a maximum of 1,500 square feets. Every available space within the area will be positively used.

Avenir condo project is exquisitely situated within the premises of the former Pacific mansions close to river valley close, off River valley road, and directly opposite to Killiney Road. From direct access to Robertson Quay to quick navigation to major streets namely Clemenceau, River Valley close, and Bukit Timah, Avenir Condo is adjudged as the highest freehold estate project.

Occupants of the estate have a lot to gain, they will experience lots of adventure from the riverside valley area.

  • Name of Project: The Avenir
  • Address: 8 River Valley close
  • Telephone: +6563879196
  • Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm
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