The 6 Best Air Conditioners of 2022


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Every modern air conditioner heats a room and has the highest energy rating for cooling, A+++.  In addition, virtually all models listed use R32 Freon as a refrigerant. This advanced solution is not only economical and gives a high cooling effect but is also characterized by minimal damage to the ozone layer and low GWP (Global Warming Potential), fully complying with European environmental standards. For installation assistance, visit

No. 1 Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VGW/MUZ-LN25VG

The model is very popular. The absence of inrush currents, the new freon R-32, and reduced noise level – all of this make it convenient to use in apartments and even in children’s rooms. Due to the alternation of hydrophobic and hydrophilic sections, the filter can fight almost all contaminants: oil aerosols, tobacco smoke, dust, and particles of textile fibers. Serves an area of up to 28 m².

The filter has been tested for bactericidal activity on Staphylococcus aureus. The test resulted in a more than 99% reduction in the concentration of bacteria in the air.


  • A+++ energy efficiency class (for cold and heating);
  • Built-in thermal imager to evenly heat the room;
  • Double plasma filter;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • A two-stage air disinfection system.

No. 2 Haier AS25S2SF1FA-WH/1U25S2SM1FA

Air conditioner, equipped with a system of intellectual defrosting, which allows to operate it at an outside temperature of -25 ° C in heating mode. There is a function UV Ray – ultraviolet lamp, which sterilizes the air, ridding it of harmful microorganisms. There is protection against power fluctuations, and the conditioner will start by itself in case of a temporary power outage. There are two-side condensate outlets, a human presence detector in the room, and a high productivity mode. The split system can work effectively with an area of up to 28 m².


  • Energy efficiency class A+++ (on cold);
  • The indoor unit is cleaned automatically;
  • Comfortable (low) noise level;
  • Interactive motion sensor;
  • Night mode to maintain a comfortable microclimate during sleep;
  • A function of “freezing” the heat exchanger to kill bacteria, fungus, and other harmful particles.

No. 3 Daikin FTXZ25N / RXZ25N Ururu SararaDaikin FTXZ25N / RXZ25N Ururu Sarara

Description: the air is filtered in two stages before it enters the room, the air conditioner has many settings for functional use, the impact on the environment is minimal, the noise level is 19 dB, humidifies the air well, and works on heating and cooling.


  • Fast and high-quality humidification,
  • No fear of frost on the outdoor unit,
  • The air from the street is always clean,
  • Silent.

Air Conditioners

No. 4 Daikin FTXJ20MW / RXJ20M EmuraDaikin FTXJ20MW / RXJ20M Emura

Description: working area up to 20 sq. m., used for cooling and heating, energy efficiency class A, super low noise of 19 dB, photocatalytic filter included, there is a self-diagnostic mode, the country of manufacturer – Belgium.


  • Sleek design,
  • Remote control,
  • Provides a standby mode, e
  • Presence detector.

No. 5 Daikin ATXC20C / ARXC20CDaikin ATXC20C / ARXC20C

Description: for rooms up to 20 sq. m., minimum noise from 19 dB, effective system of cleaning, functions of self-diagnosis and auto restart, timer for 24 hours, high power mode, multistage regulation of airflow speed.


  • Environmentally friendly R32 freon,
  • A++ seasonal energy efficiency,
  • Quiet indoor unit, heating at -15 C,
  • Air and photocatalytic filters.

No. 6 Panasonic CS/C/CU-TZ20TKEW-1Panasonic CS/CU-TZ20TKEW-1

Description: works on the area up to 20 m2 for air filtration, uses primary and fine filter 2.5pm, Aerowings uniform flow distribution technology, stable heating up to -15 C, Wi-Fi option, new freon R32, timer, self-cleaning, convenient installation and installation on old piping.


  • Quiet operation up to 20dB,
  • Stylish design,
  • Economic power consumption,
  • Wide temperature range,
  • Safe refrigerant,
  • Enlarged refrigerant lines,
  • Additional warranty on the compressor for up to 5 years.


Almost all air conditioners have several filters to quickly clean the air from harmful impurities and dust. Manufacturers compete with each other, inventing more and more new technologies for sterilization and disinfection, maintaining a healthy microclimate in the room.

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