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The residential security market is booming with technological advances which include smart (AI-powered) solutions such as wireless security gadgets, DIY home security systems, smart cameras and audio video surveillance apps. Each type of security system when considered for gated complexes has its plus and minuses. In this post, we’ll cover the leading app-based residential security and management technology and its pros and cons. 

Special features of app-based security system: 

  • Automated gatekeeping- the residents send passcode invites to visitors on their mobiles which get authenticated at the guard’s mobile, only after which entry is granted. 
  • 100% fail-proof security at the gate without congestion as the entire procedure takes 5-7 seconds as opposed to pen and paper registration which is cumbersome
  • Frequent visitors like cooks, domestic help, drivers, etc., get special passcode for daily entry
  • Group pass generation for hired labour and contractors 
  • Digital Move in move out procedure/workflow for tenants 
  • Overstay Alert when a visitor is found in the premises beyond expected duration of time
  • Child safety protocol where a child cannot leave the premises without prior permission alert sent by the parent/guardian
  • If any unexpected visitor arrives, the guard sends an alert to the residents, who can approve or deny entry in real-time. 
  • Guards can capture visitors’ temperature and mask information at entry and exit in-app which is reflected instantly on the residents’ app. 
  • Domestic staff attendance tracking can be maintained in-app as well as shareable reviews and ratings with details on punctuality and other parameters.
  • Delivery men, vendors, and cab drivers get spot entries based on app alerts. 
  • Guards attendance can be captured through selfie based attendance technology. 
  • The unique ‘leave at gate’ feature which ensures contactless delivery since the parcel is left at the guard’s desk and digitally tagged. The residents can pick up the delivery at their convenience with passcode verification. 

The pros of app-based technology at the gate:

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  • The privacy of residents can be maintained effortlessly as every type of visitor (expected or unexpected) has a workflow customised specially. 
  • No need to invest in overly expensive physical systems like Access Control Systems and expensive wireless monitoring systems as app based security packages are quite affordable and easy to maintain. Some companies also offer on-site IT support to help you get through in case the system or the app experiences troubles or glitches.
  • Parking management can also be simplified through name plate recognition technology and dynamic updates to alert the guards of available visitor parking spots. 
  • The system eliminates unwanted visitor entry at the root thus minimizing the risk of theft, vandalism or any untoward happenings. 
  • Residents can be rest assured that any emergency situations have a backup workflow like panic alert in case of fires, accidents, or visitors causing nuisance unnecessarily. 

Cons of app-based residential security at the gate

  • Apps need the internet to work, hence in case of bad or slow network connection. In such instances, there may not be real time delivery of alerts but backup will be maintained and delivered when in range. 
  • Older residents who may not be accustomed to using apps may struggle to use it in the beginning but the user interface is quite easy in case of apps like MyGate. 
  • Malware is an issue since we’ve seen instances of popular apps being hacked every once in a while, however MyGate uses private cloud (Amazon Web Services) which is the most secure, and latest encryption standards that ensure complete security. 
  • There may be technical failures as in any app but MyGate offers 24/7 customer support to combat any customer service requests. 

Overall, the pros of app-based technology far outweigh the potential cons, and they’re reliable for a well thought out security strategy at the gate. If you need assistance with your technology, BCA IT in Miami is a managed IT support company that can help you.

How MyGate leveraging software and technology for effective security management at the gate

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