Taking A Look At The Importance Of Regular Home Termite Inspection


Home Termite Inspection

Did you know that the world is home to over 2,500 species of termites, 10% of which classify as pests?
That’s right!

What’s even worse is that it takes only two species to cause $40 billion in global economic damage each year. These include the Formosan subterranean and the Asian subterranean species.

All these prove how common termites are, and that you may already be sharing your home with these insects. Yes, so long as you have wood at home, these pesky creatures are likely to invade.

The good news is, regular home termite inspection services can help you keep these pests away.

Ready to learn more about the vital roles these inspections play in home maintenance? Then let’s dive right into it!

Termites Don’t Like to Expose Their Presence

Termites Don’t Like to Expose Their Presence
Your home, with its wood, soil, and moisture, is a valuable source of nutrition to termites. However, most of your home’s wooden materials are either hidden or inaccessible. Moreover, termites live and feed underground.

The fact that termites remain hidden most of their lives is one of the main reasons they can cause so much damage. In most cases, their discovery only occurs through visible swarms. Unfortunately, swarms indicate that a colony has been feeding for three to five years.

Don’t wait for this to happen. Hire pest experts to carry out a home inspection service before these swarms even emerge.

However, fret not if the problem is already here. There are companies and services that will help you with termite control, but we recommend reading about it first to be prepared. For example, if you will need termite tenting, you have to find another place to live as the procedure requires a couple of days. Anyways, there is always a solution to your problem, but the best one is prevention, of course.

One Colony Can Equate to Millions of Termites

Scientists have found that one termite colony can comprise several million individuals. Unfortunately, a mature colony can eat up to 11 pounds of wood per month. That’s 132 pounds per year, per colony.

Keep in mind that in the US, termite treatment can cost anywhere from $200 and $850. The longer it takes you to discover their presence, the higher the treatment cost will be.

Whereas the average termite surveying cost for an entire home is only between $50 and $280. The sooner you know you have termites at home, the sooner you can get rid of them. This can then help you reduce your overall termite treatment costs.

The Queen Termite Can Keep Laying Eggs for Decades

Researchers have found that the queen termite — yes, the one that lays eggs — can live for up to 20 years or longer. So long as the queen is alive, it can keep mating and creating colonies.

The more colonies there are, the more destruction they can bring.

Protect Your Home With Regular Home Termite Inspection Services

Protect Your Home With Regular Home Termite Inspection Services
There you have it, all the reasons you should conduct regular home termite inspection. They may not be disease carriers, but they can pose safety threats. They can, after all, eat so much wood and cause parts of your home to collapse.

So, as early as now, get in touch with a pest control company! The sooner you do, the sooner you can prevent these nasty creatures from wreaking havoc in your home.

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