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Looking for an apartment, in itself, is a huge task. While looking for an apartment, there are so many things one has to consider. From Price range, location and layout to noise and storage space; we have to consider them all and not to forget getting that neighbourhood of choice. For all these factors, you should checkout sachiapartments.ca.

This only gets more complicated as the real estate agent starts listing out the various kinds of apartments for you to choose from. Hence, to make sure you do not have to go apartment-hunting completely blind, we have here the different types of apartments you will come across.

Here are 12 Types of Apartments

1. Studio


A Studio apartment is an apartment that consists of one room; it has an open floor plan. This one room consists of a kitchen, bedroom and a full-size bathroom. The size of a studio apartment may differ based on the price range and the neighborhood. Some variations of the studio apartment include an alcove studio or a convertible studio.

2. Alcove Studio

An Alcove Studio is a variation of the traditional Studio. The only difference between the two is that the alcove studio has an L partition in the living area.

The L partition creates the illusion of more space and creates a nook or an alcove for the placement of a bed, making it a suitable sleeping area. The alcove studio provides a sense of privacy.

3. Convertible Studio

A Convertible Studio is a type of studio apartment where the apartment is big enough that one could build a wall to create a bedroom. The advantage of a convertible studio is the chances of having a secondary space, although some apartments charge for any changes to the original property.

This type of apartment is known as a convertible two-bedroom or a two-bedroom flex.

4. Junior 1 Bedroom


A Junior 1 Bedroom is a small step above a studio apartment, with the size of it between a tiny and a medium apartment. This has a separate bedroom from the living space; the bedroom is ¾ of size.

5. Loft

A loft is an apartment that consists of one large, open room consisting of high ceilings. This kind of apartment is characterised by the presence of exposed brick, large and high windows, support beams.

Loft apartments are found in commercial buildings that are renovated to form residential living units.

6. Duplex


A duplex is a living space that consists of two levels, where the second level is assigned to be the sleeping area. It is a multi-family home, with an entrance of its own. The two units or levels are usually of the same size.

7. Triplex

A triplex is a single living space consisting of three apartment units. Each of the apartments has its own entrance and is usually similar in size. It is a multi-family living space and a step up from the duplex apartment.

8. Garden Apartment


A garden apartment has direct access to a private backyard area. A garden apartment in situated either on the ground floor or on the basement level.

These types of apartments have the disadvantage of being partially underground, which can cause an issue in the monsoon season. People often hesitate renting such an apartment because of the lack of security and an abundance of pests.

9. Railroad Apartment

These types of apartments get their name after their straight floor plan. A straight floor plan consists of three or four rooms without the presence of a hallway in between. This leads to the formation of a long and thin rectangle.

The bedrooms can be located on either sides or in the center. A railroad apartment is present in older and smaller buildings.

10. Micro Apartment


A Micro Apartment, as the name suggests, is a one room apartment. This type of apartment has a size ranging from 50 to 350 square feet, but never more than 350 square feet. The living space consists of a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchenette.

Micro apartments are popular in cities with large populations such as California, where the rent prices are high and the amount of space low.

11. Walk-up Apartment

A Walk-up Apartment is an apartment that has stairs for accessing the building. Buildings wilt such staircases have apartments that are usually smaller, thus attracting a small number of tenants.

A walk-up apartment is usually more affordable than other types of apartments. Despite that, these apartments are not seen as prospective apartments due to the absence of an elevator.

12. Penthouse


A Penthouse is a luxurious apartment unit that is always located on the top of the building. Usually these apartments are expensive and large in size, the prize only goes higher based on the cities and the neighborhoods. Penthouses almost always offer a spectacular view of the city.

Final Words

Here is your guide to the types of apartments to make your hunt for the perfect apartment easier.

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