Switch to Elegear Cooling Blanket for Maximum Comfort All Year Round


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Facing a conundrum because you get really overheated when you sleep but love the weight of blanket upon you? If your answer is yes, cooling blankets are the best solution for you. True to their name, cooling blankets keep you cool and comfortable in hot summers. And Elegear Cooling Blanket Tie Dye are the best you will find! But, with so many cooling blankets available in the market, why go for Elegear instead of others? Because Elegear blankets are made of cooling fabrics developed with Japanese Cooling Technology – Arc Chill and can reduce the skin temperature by 36-42℉ instantly making you feel cool and comfortable. They offer lifetime quality support with full refund or replacement if you find any issues with the blanket. Plus, they are also on sale currently with the discount code: 10%off 38H9H82C and expiry date: 2029-12-31. But, don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at the features that make this blanket the perfect choice for you.

Made with Cooling Fibers

No more restless nights trying to fall asleep while feeling sweaty and damp! Elegear’s tie-dye cooling blanket, made with real arc chill cooling technology, can make you feel cool and comfortable instantly even on hot summer nights. The cooling fabric used for this blanket has a Q-Max of 0.5 which is much more effective. It takes just 5 seconds to absorb your body heat and keep you cool and sweat-free all night! It also incorporates Jade Nano-particles, which soothe the skin and help maintain skin moisture and elasticity. This blanket is OEKO-TEX certified and skin-friendly for adults, children and pets. It can automatically adjust the cooling temperature according to your body temperature. It’s as good as giving your skin an 8 hours beauty treatment!

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Fit for Year-round Use

Another interesting feature of this blanket is its versatility. While it’s a cooling blanket on one side, it can also work as a soft throw when used from the other side! Confused? Let us elaborate. Elegear cooling blanket tie-dye uses the Japanese Arc-Chill cooling yarn on the top side. This side of the blanket incorporates Jade-Nano particles which absorb body heat and sweat to keep you feeling cool and refreshed. It is ideal for use in summer or spring when the temperatures rise and the nights are often hot and humid. However, the bottom side of this blanket is made of 100% Knit Cotton Jersey, which is safer, softer and more breathable than ordinary cotton. This side of the blanket is suitable for winter or fall use and will make you feel cozy and comfortable. So, no matter the season, you can use this blanket all year round, making it a worthy investment.

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Perfect for Hot Sleepers

The biggest benefit of owning Elegear’s cooling blanket tie-dye is getting cool and sweat-free nights! If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll know the torture of tossing and turning all night feeling sweaty and hot. This cooling blanket offers super wicking and quick drying fabric which absorbs the sweat and moisture from your body in the summer. It keeps you ultra-cool and dry all night so you can have a restful sleep. It can also prove a great comfort in sunburns with its instant cooling technology. Surely the best blanket for hot sleepers!

Beautiful Luxurious Design

Along with making you feel cool, these blankets can also add a touch of cool to your home decor! The top side of the blanket is made of beautiful tie-dye craftsmanship which gives it a unique, luxurious look. Tie-dye designs work best with abstract and artistic themes but they can also gel well with any other type of home decor or interiors. You can use these blankets as throws for your living room sofas to add glamour and warmth to your decor.

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Easy to Maintain

If you think that incorporating all this amazing technology will make this blanket is high-maintenance, think again! Elegear cooling blankets tie-dye also boast of high-strength weave and premium fabrics which makes them fully machine and hand washable without color fading, shrinkage and pilling. However, in order to prevent any snagging and scratching, it’s recommended to use a laundry bag. Also, take care not to put it into the drier. Rather, let it air dry so that it maintains its look and feel for a longer time.

Cooling blankets are a great innovation that make life easier and more comfortable for us. However, it’s important to choose the right blanket that can actually keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat. So, why toss and turn when you can sleep comfortably instead with Elegear’s cooling blankets that actually deliver on their promises!

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