Sustainability Efforts by Jasper Venture Group for Encino Property


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While many factors made the Encino, CA property that Ilio Mavlyanov and the Jasper Venture Group interesting, none made quite the difference that the sustainability efforts created for the property did.  Creating certain sustainable functions for the property would make life easier for the eventual owners in every way from upkeep to cost. Sustainability features benefit projects in many ways through the use of environmentally friendly strategies and technologies. One of the most important benefits is energy efficiency.

Ilio Mavlyanov obtained his Masters in RE Development degree from NYU with a concentration on sustainability. It was important that Mavlyanov be able to add these sustainability features to properties that he redeveloped throughout his career. The design included sustainability projects like building a stormwater management system and installing high-efficiency lighting.

Here’s a quick look at a project that was added to enrich the sustainability of the Encino, California property.

During the design phase, Ilio Mavlyanov hired an engineering firm and gave them a task to prepare a LID (low impact development) study which is an approach to land development that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible. It mimics natural processes that result in the infiltration, evapotranspiration, or use of stormwater in order to protect water quality and associated aquatic habitat. Stormwater is managed to reduce the impact of built-up areas and promote the natural movement of water within the ecosystem provided. LID teaches a developer to utilize water as a resource rather than a waste product.

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After the study was conducted the following stormwater features were added:

  • Landscaping and hardscape were completed specifically in a way to capture rainwater and send it into tanks.  
  • Five rainwater tanks (about 6,000 gallons to cover the full property) were brought in to help inhabitants save money and to save water in case of a water shortage. Rain tanks are always dark in color to prevent UV light penetrations and discourage algae growth.
  • Vegetated landscaping was created within 25 feet of the rain tanks. 
  • The rainwater harvesting system includes a distribution pump and supplemental domestic water supply and is connected to an irrigation drip system.
  • A biofiltration system was added to filter stormwater and support plant growth. 

Other sustainability measures taken included adding high-efficiency luminaries to most rooms in the house. This type of lighting will consume less energy while lasting much longer than regular light bulbs. Other sustainability measures were taken by the developers adding a great deal of value to the home in the end.

Sustainability features have become more popular in recent years. Such features benefit the ecology and save on energy consumption. Often, these features involve renewable energy techniques such as capturing rainwater, which is being reused. Other renewable energy tactics can include solar panels, geothermal and wind as a source of energy.

Jasper Venture Group sold the Encino property after Ilio Mavlyanov, and his architectural and engineering team obtained building approvals.

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