Sunday Morning Magic – 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Sunday Brunch


Family, friends, and good food: there’s nothing like a Sunday brunch to revitalize you for the week that lies ahead. Whether you’re inviting friends over for a feast at your place or packing a picnic basket to enjoy at the local park, these five tips will help you throw a brunch that will leave the best impression on your guests.

Binging On Bagels

With their highly enticing aroma and look, bagels are the Miss Congeniality of the bakery world. They’re also extremely versatile, making them a scrumptious brunch favorite. If you like your bagels savory, just spread them with cream cheese, add some salmon and sprinkle on some chives. If you prefer them sweet, bring on the Nutella, add some strawberries and bite into the delicious, gooey goodness. Here are the best bagels in Melbourne to get you started on your upcoming brunch preparations.

Set Everything Beforehand

Planning and setting everything beforehand will take the stress out of your morning and allow you to mingle freely with your guests. If you’re having brunch inside the house, set the table before going to bed and arrange your plates, napkins and cutlery to your heart’s content. If you’ll be brunching in a park or on your lawn, sort your dishes out and keep them in the corner with your picnic basket the night before. The next morning, pack the basket, and you’re ready to go!

Plan Your Menu

Missing out on enjoying brunch because you were slaving away in the kitchen is tragic – you should be out there having a laugh with your guests and digging into the baked goods! Try and avoid cooking items like omelettes that will need your constant attention and have you running to the kitchen every minute. Opt for baked French toast, which can be made beforehand.

While crepes and pancakes are brunch favourites, making them from scratch on the day can be extremely time-consuming. Instead, prepare the batter the night before and cook them when your guests are ready to eat. Serve them with fresh seasonal fruits, maple syrup or honey, and prepare to make your guests’ day.

Drink It Up

What’s brunch without its share of tasty, refreshing drinks? It goes without saying that fruit juices are brunch staples, but if your guests prefer alcoholic beverages, then opt for a Bloody Mary. The tangy tomato-flavoured drink accompanied with a celery stick will undoubtedly turn your brunch into a glamorous affair. Given the dropping temperatures in Australia, hot beverages like tea, coffee and rose cacao can also do wonders.

Go For A Theme

Brunches are meant to be laidback, but there’s no harm in spicing things up a little with a theme. No one wants to spend hours getting ready on a Sunday morning, so go for themes that are simple and fun. As an example, ask your guests to go retro and dress like they’re living in 1960s Australia with flowery dresses and loose jeans. Or, spruce up your house by bringing in white and pink flowers and showpieces that impart a casual yet elegant look. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Brunches are not only a great way to unwind after a hectic work week, but help us reconnect with our loved ones over a smorgasbord of delicious food. These 5 tips will help you nail your next brunch and take the stress out of hosting.

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