Style and Function for Your Garage

Your home is your biggest investment; your car is your second. The best way to protect both is to upgrade your garage.

Clean Out Clutter

This is the first and most important step. There are no shortcuts, but you can take a systematic three-step approach. First, get everything out of the garage. Toss the broken pruning shears, put the towel you use to dry off the dog in the laundry room, and place everything else in the driveway or yard while you work. Second, arrange the items into categories like off-season household storage, sports equipment, tools and automotive items. Separating the contents into categories will allow you to see how you use the space and how much you need to allocate for each section. Third, do a quick cleanup to rid the garage of cobwebs, debris and dust. This will help you to envision the finished improved space.
Clean Out Clutter

Refinish Floor

A good floor provides the underpinning to a great garage. There are several options, but the one that will prove best in most instances is elmhurst epoxy flooring. It will offer commercial-grade durability and beauty for years to come. It comes in more than 20 colors and finishes so you are sure to find one you love. Moreover, it is easy to clean, impenetrable to spills, and extremely stain resistant. It’s like giving your car its own private showroom. As an added bonus, the epoxy flooring provides a stylish and versatile foundation for a home gym, office space, or bonus room should you decide to use the garage area differently in the future.

Install Organization

The key to a successful upgrade is making sure you will be able to maintain the improvements. A carefully thought-out organized garage will be easy to keep looking and functioning at its best. Work from the top down for this project. First, install ceiling storage racks to keep boxes off the floor. Next, use wall storage systems to optimize your vertical space. There are many options available, from shelving systems to cabinets to pegboard. If you like to do home projects, be sure to install a sturdy workbench large enough to accommodate the tools and equipment you will use on a regular basis.
Install Organization

Light It Up

The last step in making the garage a usable, enjoyable space is proper lighting. Bright overhead lighting will make the space feel safe and welcoming; LED lights are a great affordable, energy-conscious choice. Task lighting is a must, especially under cabinets, above work areas, and in corners. Traditional shop lights work well here; for more versatility, battery-operated stick-on lights can provide hours of brightness for pennies per use.

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