Studying the Courses Related to Hospitality in Switzerland is a Reasonable Choice for your Future


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Studying in Switzerland for foreign students is available in private universities at the level of bachelor’s and master’s programs. The most popular areas of study in Switzerland are courses related to hospitality: hotel and restaurant business, business industry, luxury brand industry, event management, and others. Despite the popularity of Swiss hospitality universities and their leading positions in the world university rankings, many students still doubt whether it is worth studying this direction. The practice shows that it is very easy for the graduates to find a decent job afterward, but the study assignments are not easy, so most students require some assistance, like history homework help, or else.

There are numerous agencies for studying abroad all around the world, that are official representatives of the Swiss universities of hotel business Glion and Les Roches. From year to year, and especially during the COVID period, we are faced with the opinion of students that the hospitality industry is an unpromising direction. To dispel this myth, today we decided to share with you a few facts why we believe that studying at Swiss universities of hospitality provides excellent opportunities for future students.

Where to study hospitality, hotel, and restaurant business

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland

Les Roches Marbella, Spain

1. Hospitality is a stable business

The travel and hospitality industry has already faced global crises before. The most serious of them were 9/11 and the global financial crisis of 2008 – and both times the industry demonstrated resilience and the ability to return to normal. How so? It’s simple: we all love to travel and love to get new exciting experiences. Travel, recreation, and service are an integral part of human nature. This won’t change because of Covid-19.

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2. Hotels have retained their attractiveness

Small or large, luxury or budget – all hotels are already beginning to gradually open their doors. Industry leader Accor expects that they will have 70% of hotels open by July 2022. After China became one of the first countries to remove the lockdown, the world-famous Marriott chain reported that the occupancy rate of their hotels grew very quickly from single digits to more than 40%.

3. New market conditions need new personnel and an approach to work

What will the tourism and hospitality market look like in 2023? Or in 2020? Unfortunately, no one knows this. One thing is known – it will definitely be different. Adapting to new requirements for cleanliness, using innovative digital technologies, delivering the desired travel experience after months of stagnation … the possibilities are endless. And along with this, there are unlimited opportunities for new professionals who have the necessary knowledge of the industry.

4. Education in the hospitality industry opens up new opportunities

Travel technology, hospitality innovations, luxury brands, events, media… look at any dynamic global industry and you will find graduates of the Swiss Institutes of Hospitality Les Roches and Glion holding senior positions there or owning their own enterprises. The figures do not lie: a third of our graduates open their own business, thereby attracting new graduates of Les Roches and Glion universities to the business.

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5. Your knowledge and skills will be in demand

Hundreds of potential employers from various sectors come to the campus of Les Roches and Glion Universities of Hospitality every year to hire students. Because they know that only in Swiss universities of hospitality they will find qualified and hardworking professionals. The employment rate after graduating from the Swiss universities Les Roches and Glion is 94% and according to the QS Ranking 2020, and this is the second place in the world in this category.

6. Les Roches and Glion Universities teach Soft Skills

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum updated the list of skills that will be needed in the future for workers to succeed, regardless of the chosen industry. Problem-solving, critical thinking, emotional stability, customer orientation… all these skills are acquired by students together with education in the field of hospitality from Glion and Les Roches. Other experts believe that it is these skills that contribute to rapid improvement. And this becomes especially relevant in the conditions of post-Covid19.

7. Global Community of Les Roches and Glion Alumni

The alumni network currently consists of more than 13,000 people, many of whom choose students from their alma mater when hiring new employees. The professional advantages of a Swiss education and the prestigious status of Les Roches and Glion University will remain with you forever throughout your career.

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