Start Your Fireplace Properly With These Expert Tips


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You may think lighting a fire should be a relatively simple task, right? I mean come on, all you really need to do is grab yourself some wood, throw it into the fireplace and strike a match, then surely you will have the perfect fire. Well…you couldn’t be more wrong! In all honesty, lighting the perfect fire can be extremely difficult and the common reason for this is due to the fact that people tend to use the wrong materials. It takes a lot more than chucking a few pieces of wood into the mix and striking a match to create a fire that blazes in glory! 

It’s true! Lighting a fire that burns long into the night takes far more and all comes down to preparation, how you actually build it, and those all-important materials you must use. Getting your hands on the right materials is vital and when buying firewood always make sure you equip yourself with the correct kind! Some people think that to build and ignite a superb fire, that it simply comes down to how many times you have actually done it and the experience you have acquired over the years, ultimately meaning you must hold great skill. Wrong again, as this simply is not the case! It doesn’t matter if you are new-blood when it comes to the world of fire-starting or has earned your stripes over many, many years. The fact is, anyone can conquer the task of constructing the ultimate fire and can ignite the flame that will result in your fire smoldering away long into the night! For long lasting fire you will required a good quality firewood, So you can search firewood near philadelphia and purchase good firewood for your home.

Here are a few expert tips to follow that will have you building and starting your fire the right way.

Safety First Folks!

Now, it is essential before you begin to ensure that a few safety measures have been carried out and put firmly into place! Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for utter disaster! It is important before beginning that your chimney has been inspected and swept by a professional. Doing this is incredibly important as it could save you from suffering a chimney fire due to any creosote that has built up in the flue of your chimney! 

Also, always make sure that your fireplace has a grate in place, and if it doesn’t, ensure that you add one, this is not only vital for safety purposes but will also do a good job in sustaining combustion, encouraging that much-needed airflow needed to create a good fire. 

Lastly, always make sure that the damper of the fireplace is open, otherwise, you could end up smoking out the entire room! 

Gather the Essentials!

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To light your perfect fire, the first step is to begin by gathering up the essential materials needed to begin your fire-lighting journey! Materials you will need to get your hands on include:

  • Some matches
  • A few large logs of wood
  • Some smaller logs of wood
  • Two or three Firelighters
  • A few sheets of newspaper
  • Around 10 – 12 kindling sticks

Now, Let’s Get Started!

    1. Step one – Begin your base: After ensuring all safety measures have been carried out and making sure that all air vents are open, the first step in constructing your fire is to start by placing the large logs across the bottom of your fireplace, ensuring they are both dry and cleft.
    2. Step two – Build upwards: Now it’s time to begin stacking the rest of your vital materials, adding a layer of the smaller logs, perpendicular to the larger layer of logs that reside underneath. Smaller logs should be around 4cm – 5cm. Then proceed by adding a layer or two of kindling wood, ensuring to leave at least 1cm between the blocks of wood, this will ensure to leave adequate space required for the air to do its job. Leaving enough space is extremely crucial when building your fire, as air plays a big part when it comes to getting that fire going strong.
    3. Step three – Time to bring out the firelighters and newspaper: Now, after constructing the wooden base for your fire, it is then time to put the firelighters and newspaper to good use by placing either two or maybe three firelighters directly on top of the kindling wood and also add a few sheets of twisted up newspaper to add to the ignition.
    4. Final Step – Initiate the blaze: Now you have finished constructing the perfect base for your fire, it is now time to initiate that blaze! Use your matches to ignite the firelighters and the newspaper then sit back and reap the rewards of the perfect fire that YOU have created.

So there you have it! Starting your fireplace properly simply comes down to the materials used and how you build it. By following the steps listed above your fire-lighting days will be an absolute breeze and you will be perceived by the world as an expert in the fire-lighting field! Happy days!

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