Star Christmas Tree Topper Review


Star Christmas Tree Topper Review 2

With the Christmas holiday approaching, it is time we start unpacking all our holiday decorations ideas. There is no better way of getting into the Christmas holiday spirit than by decorating your home or place of work with a Christmas tree decorated with sentimental ornaments.

The Christmas tree topper is your tree’s focal and final element; it adds an outstanding, personalized touch. Angles and stars are the most popular tree toppers, but several other options are available, including hats and ribbons.

Among the several tree toppers available in the market, we did our research. We found a top brand with a unique style for all Christmas trees, considering ease of installation, durability, and design.


Are you looking for a tree topper to light up your Christmas tree? Star Christmas Tree Topper is here to offer you a rich Christmas experience. This tree topper is multipurpose; hence apart from decorating Christmas trees, it can also be used for decorating shopping malls, holiday parties, birthdays, family dances, gardens, weddings, etc. Furthermore, it can also be a good Christmas gift to your lovers, friends, and family.

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SIMOEFFI Christmas tree topper measures 9.4 by 9.4 by 2.7 inches and weighs approximately 11.5 ounces hence a universal size. Moreover, it also comes with a 9.8′ long power cable making it easy to connect to the top of the tree.

The snowflake comes with a switch; all you need is to install the top base at the top of the Christmas tree and change it to the appropriate angle. You can adjust the inner light to 45 degrees for a Christmas tree topper to display a dynamic plus outstanding five patterns on your ceiling.

This tree topper light comprises a star LED light and a star hollow gold shell with a shiny gold powder. Its star projection has five astonishing patterns of a Christmas tree, snowman, Christmas deer, stars, and Santa Claus; hence you will have a magical plus best dynamic designs on your Christmas tree.

Moreover, SIMOEFFI Christmas tree topper comes with a 3D hollow design and an in-built 360 degrees auto rotatable star projection lamp to make your Christmas tree more stunning.


  • Universal size
  • Simple to install
  • Lightweight design
  • Made of best-quality PVC, durable
  • Features UL-approved adapter and a switch
  • It’s multipurpose
  • Features five cool patterns
  • Adjustable light

What to Consider When Choosing a Christmas Tree Topper

  • Weight

When finding the best tree topper, you need to consider its weight and how it’s meant to attach to the Christmas tree. The best tree topper should be lightweight and simpler to connect to your tree top.

  • Shape

Best Christmas trees are available in several different shapes. This includes stout and short, thin and tall, etc. The look of your tree is essential since it affects how your tree topper looks. Fuller Christmas trees are great with a symmetrical star at their top, while long or angel tree toppers are best with narrow trees.

  • Height

Tall Christmas tree limits some tree topper options. That is, tree toppers with projection abilities or those that are tall will need enough space between the ceiling and the tree.

  • Lighting

Several tree toppers which lights need to be plugged into a power outlet or use battery power. Lighting at the topper is the best way of drawing attention, mainly if it’s a gleaming angel or a big star.

  • Material

Different Christmas tree toppers are made using materials. There are those made using glass, while others are of metal and plastic. The material used to make the topper determines how durable the topper will be.

Star Christmas Tree Topper Review 2


The best Christmas tree topper with a timeless plus festive look is SIMOEFFI Star Christmas Tree Topper. It’s an elegant plus simple topper with versatile style, well-proportioned size, durability, and ease of assembly, and available at an affordable price.

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