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Spalsh of Arts, the store that brings your walls to life

The mission of Splash of Art is to create that environment at your home where you feel simply awesome!

And this is because a decorative painting is much more than aesthetics. Artwork should be above all the creation of an atmosphere for your spaces. The painting is an essential accessory to define the style, the personality and the presence you want to give the decoration of each one of the spaces at your home.

That’s why if you feel that something is missing in your home’s decoration, it could be a lack of artwork or that you don’t have the right one on your walls.

Setting up a room has never been easy for everyone. You have to find complete furniture styles, decorations and complementary colours. An easy way to enhance an ordinary space is to expose it to attractive mural art, which translates into a focal point in your room.

The use of brilliant colours can give the room an immediate glow. Even the smallest details receive a lot of emphasis, giving more uniqueness to the art pieces.

But, even knowing this it’s not easy to choose the appropriate artworks that add to your house’s presence and personality. Here we give you some tricks and advice to decide on the best artworks for your different spaces that will make them shine and stand out on their own!

1. Make sense of the space in the room

When decorating, a room is important to harmonise your furniture with your accessories such as works of art, window treatments, carpets and pillows. If you have flower pillows and window treatments with a dominant colour, try to find works of art, which also have the same dominant colour.

That way everything will blend together in your room and it won’t seem like random pieces put together. Making your works of art match your furniture and accessories is an integral part of creating a sophisticated decoration.

Modern room with two armchairs
Modern room with two armchairs, lamps, teapot set on the table, plant and painting on the wall

2. Greater Artwork will shine

if your place has no clear centrepiece that makes it a great opportunity to include a large piece of artwork on the wall.

For example, when decorating a big space like your living room, why not choosing a huge piece of abstract artwork and place it on the biggest wall adding personality and strength to the space? Beautiful exotic colours that match with the rest of the elements in the room will make the space look absolutely incredible, like designer decorated.

3. Be smart when considering small pieces

Considering a group of small photos and works of art to try to create a wall for your living room? Be careful. This trend has to be done in a very fine way otherwise the space will look clogged and disordered. Match the colours and lines of the elements in the room, play with symmetries or create visual balance with wall art. Also, for hanging over the sofa, make sure the space it takes up is at least two-thirds the size of the sofa or sideboard.

4. Make sure your displayed art is authentically you

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Simply select the pieces that display something you want to share or love. Maybe you believe in something or maybe you’re a fanatic of something.

Do you have a special sense of humour or you’re a fashion and latest trends lover? Choose artistic pieces and styles that talk to you and your personality. Find art that you are honestly drawn to and makes you feel good. Never choose artwork because it’s popular or tendency. The more you relate to them, the more you’ll like them.


5. Awkward spaces are perfect places for art

Many of us have a strange corner, an odd wall or space in our homes. Living them blank, more often than not, enhances their peculiarity. Why not embracing the uncommon and hang one or more pieces of artwork to give that place a new sense of purpose and life?

Whether you decide to go big or small, you can simply find that you have a new appreciation of this strange place in your home, you never knew what to do with.

6. Looking for something original and unique?

Check our unique sneaker wall art and the rest! Because, no matter what your style is, we make sure our pieces are original and different, and that is why we work in close collaboration between designers, photographers and graphic artists… Because a decorative painting is much more than aesthetics.

Thanks to our high-definition printing equipment, we can offer you unique paintings to make your spaces talk. With creations available in a variety of sizes with or without frames to meet all types of houses and budgets.

Give your home a stroke of colour and personality this season with unique and personal works of art.

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