Soft Surfaces Are Transforming Gardens And Driveways With Artificial Grass And Resin Bound


Improving your garden is a great idea. Your house will look better than the rest in your neighborhood, and its value will improve.

When it comes to the front garden, a lawned area and a new driveway is the perfect landscaping combination. But what if you pick artificial grass and resin bound driveway? Will it be a good combination and what are the benefits of these blending?

This idea depends on the type of artificial grass you use. There are short and manicured options which can be hard underfoot, longer and lusher versions that are very appealing and soft to play and walk on. Colour is also another aspect you will consider since there are grasses that are darker and greener than others.

What are the key considerations for artificial grass flooring?


Do you remember the time when artificial grass was seen only on year around football pitches, and in the bottom of meat trays at the butchers? Nowadays that’s changing; artificial grass is gaining popularity among home and property owners in the UK.

The grass is made from plastic which is attached to the plastic mesh backing. Therefore, it can be cut into various sizes. What makes it popular?

The grass can be laid on any surface, but it works better on bare earth that has been protected by a weed barrier which is covered by a layer of sand. This allows drainage and enables the grass to bend low.

This kind of grass can be laid as a D.I.Y job which makes it a cheap and easy alternative compared to other alternatives.

The other goodness of this option, there are various types of artificial grass. There is the short and manicured option for hard underfoot and longer and lush versions that are soft to play and walk on. The grass also allows free drainage of water through it and water rarely pool on the surface.

Also, artificial grass is easy to manage. You don’t cut it; a simple brush that removes leaves is all you need. You can even vacuum it if necessary. If it becomes dirty over time, you can jet wash it. The other positivity of this alternative is no matter the weather; the grass is always clean. Children can play on it when it is raining and snowing, and it will keep their feet clean. No more mud in your house.


The grass is the way to go since it’s an easy and cheap option. Maintenance is also easy. You don’t need experts to wash it; you can do it yourself. All you need is purchasing the material from renown manufacturers. In this way, quality is guaranteed.

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