Soft & Bright Scandinavian Interior in Netherland House

With large plate glass windows to get enough daylight, materials warm as leather and wood to fill up with gentleness & Brightness : life is absolutely enjoyable Scandinavian Interior in this Netherland house!

Here, the decoration is pure, but however very personal: what a beautiful idea to paint the ceiling beams in green pastel! To give it some graphic touches, some small accessories such as a carpet, a tartan rug or pillows with geometrical patterns are wonderfully added. How good would it feel to curl up on this sofa and never to move again!

Bright Scandinavian Interior

Genuine leather pouf With Small Plant on Small Table

open Bright Scandinavian Interior design

Scandinavian interior

small workspace design

White Scandinavian Bathroom

wooden attic bedroom

Wooden Dining Table With mix of chair

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