Soft and Pressure Washing: Incredible Ways to Improve Your Home Inside and Out


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There are several chores that must be done to keep up your home, inside and out. From mowing the lawn to spring deep cleaning, it feels never ending as a home owner. However, if you want to check at least one thing off your list of household chores, look into professional soft or pressure washing services. Soft and pressure washing, while different processes with different benefits, are both beneficial for cleaning the exterior of your home. 

Learn the differences between these two types of exterior home washing, and why either – or both – can help your home shine again. Then, you can choose whether soft or pressure washing is best for your home project.

What is Pressure Washing?

Whether you choose soft or pressure washing, it is important to know the differences to understand which is best for your situation. The most common among the two is pressure washing, which is an exterior cleaning process using for the exterior of homes and businesses. Also called power washing, pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects. Also used for concrete surfaces, sidewalks, driveways, and vehicles, pressure washing is a particularly effective way to clean and beautify the exterior of your home. 

What does pressure washing do for your home? When you hire a pressure washing professional, large areas of all kinds of hard outdoor surfaces are quickly and thoroughly cleaned. Pressure washing is best for hard or sturdy exterior services, as there is pressure used to get the job done, but it cuts down on scrubbing time if you use soap, water, and a good rag.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

There are several benefits of pressure washing. Whether you are cleaning your driveway and sidewalk or your home’s siding for a sale, you’ll benefit greatly from hiring pressure washing services. 

Prevents Future Repairs

When surfaces are stained with mold and mildew, these can feed on the paint or deteriorate your home’s siding over time. 

Saves Money – and Time 

Pressure washing improves the value of your home, and prevents further damage from dirt, debris, mold, and allergens – saving you the time and money used in replacing them. Repairs are less costly in the long-term.

Primes Surfaces 

If you are planning to paint a fence or add a few protective layers of stain to your backyard deck, pressure washing creates a clean, dry surface ready for something new.

Pressure washing is highly effective, especially when soapy water isn’t doing the trick.

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What is Soft Washing?

If you’ve read about pressure washing and believe you need a cleaning solution without all the power, you’d be right to consider soft washing as the cleaning solution for your home project. Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure water. Because lower pressure washer and less harsh chemicals, such as a gentle surfactant and water, are used, soft washing is better used for the more fragile surfaces of your home’s exterior. 

Certain exterior surfaces can potentially be damaged if you chose the high power of pressure washing instead. These sensitive areas include roof shingles, windows and glass doors, vinyl siding, patio enclosures, wood panel siding, and outdoor furniture.

Benefits of Soft Washing

Although soft washing is a gentler way to clean specific exterior surfaces of your home in comparison to pressure washing, it is still a highly effective cleaning method. Like pressure washing, the process removes mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors. And fortunately, there are other benefits to soft washing.

Less Chance of Damage

Soft washing uses much less pressure than pressure washing, so, especially when you are cleaning these more sensitive areas, there is lesser chance of property damage as you clean.

Less Labor Intensive

Soft washing is less labor intensive than pressure washing because you don’t have to be as close to the surface to clean it properly. And, it is isn’t advised that you soft wash too close to the surface because there is a higher chance of damage to the surface.

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Soft washing, more specifically, uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Soft washing cleaning solutions rarely use bleach, and when they do, the solution is incredibly diluted. 

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Mutual Benefits of Pressure and Soft Washing

While pressure washers crush hard to get stains, soft washing is the silent destroyer of algae, mold, and other organic build-ups/stains you might see on your roof or siding. Soft washing is the beneficiary of combining cleaning chemicals and lightly spraying the surface after the surfactants do their job. Still, while there are plenty of differences between pressure washing and soft washing, there are several mutual benefits to be enjoyed by home owners.

A Longer Lasting Clean

Whether you need pressure or soft washing, you experience a much longer lasting clean than plain soap and water. It gets into all of the hard to reach areas, so you can plan for pressure washing in Texarkana, TX again.

Less Time Spent Cleaning

And, in terms of creating a longer lasting clean, you will inevitably spend less time cleaning the exterior of your home.

Healthier Home Environment: Inside and Out

Soft and pressure washing both clean away the harmful mold, mildew, dirt, and debris that naturally builds up over time on the exterior surfaces of your home. And, when these harmful substances aren’t on the exterior of your home, they cannot travel inside and affect your family’s health.

Cleaning Your Home Inside and Out

Whether you choose soft or pressure washing for your home’s exterior surfaces as you search pressure washing near me, both are highly beneficial for the unique situation your home is in.

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