Social Media for Trade Show Promotion

So you have already made up your mind that you will be hosting a trade show. The real problem comes in spreading awareness and letting as many individuals know about it. While there is a range of tactics you can use for this, social media is one of the most effective methods of raising awareness.

Trade show exhibitors now realize the benefits of using social media to promote their trade shows. For starters, social media allows you to reach your specific target audience. You can do this by determining which platform your targets are more likely to be using and then post your content on the particular platform. The other benefit is that with social media, you can get almost instant feedback regarding your initiation. This gives you an insight into what to expect on the d-day in terms of attendance and what the attendees expect from you. What is more, with social media, you can build anticipation even before the exhibition day, and everyone will be looking forward to it.

But, how do you use social media to promote your trade show both before and during the exhibit? Below, are a few tips on how to use various platforms.



Facebook is the leading social network, with over 2 billion users globally. The chances are that you already have a Facebook page which gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your trade show to a large number of Facebook users. How do you go about this? You can use QR codes on your exhibition stands and send them directly to your targets and encourage them to like and attend the event. That works before the event, but that does not end there. You can still keep on with the promotion even as the event goes on. Take the visitors’ pictures and instantly upload them to Facebook and do not forget to tag them. It will make them feel special, and more people will want to attend.


Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is fun and engaging. It has over a billion users watching videos every day. You can take advantage of its simplicity to upload videos which you can then share with your other social media platforms. Also, make the videos shareable by the viewers, and with this, the chances are that after watching, they will share the videos with their social media friends, thus increasing awareness. You can record a video during the trade show and instantly upload it to your profile. Let people see how much fun you are having, and before you know it, you are already attracting considerable traffic to your show.


The other easy way to win on a trade show is to go live on your social media platforms. Exhibitions are exciting, and capturing the real moment will most likely drive people’s interest, and they will want to join you. It is also best that you use this strategy as soon as the show begins to drive more people to your booth. Short video clips and photos of your products and services demos work magic in attracting potential audience. It is also a great way of engaging with those that were unable to attend, and in the end, they will want to try your products.

Try these three tactics both before and during the trade show, and you will be winning all the way. Also, do not forget to get the help of professionals like Expomarketing. Rest assured they will deliver the best custom trade show displays to make your exhibition a success.

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