Social Marketing – A Tool To Build Your Customer Base

Social marketing is a unique way of business owners to use social media to build a relationship with their existing and potential customers. Social Networks are websites where many people gather to share with each other, both personally and professionally. The most popular Social Networking sites are,,, and Each focus on a different aspect of social interaction and are used by millions of people both personally and professionally. Many businesses use Social Networks to promote their products or services.

With the help of these networking sites you can build your web presence with a unique style. This is only recently that businesses have realized the potential of size communities as places to make themselves known in a crowded marketplace where a huge number of vendors are jostling for space.

Online Marketing can be difficult to learn. There are many different strategies and plans out there that promise you the moon and the stars as well. A new hot topic is Social Marketing. People claim it’s free and easy to use and can build a lot of traffic that’s sustained. That it’s the new-wave of marketing on the internet. But is it all true?

Social Marketing

Yes it’s true.

Social Marketing is a strategy you can employ where you create a presence on these sites and become a part of the communities found in your niche. If your product is Pet related, find pet groups and forums. If your service is travel related, find those blogs and social sites where people are talking about travel. The possibilities are endless. So set up profiles at these places and make them look nice but not too professional.

It’s often a good idea to pick someone in your company, or a few someone, to be the ‘voice’ of your company in Social Networks. People prefer a real person to talk to, rather than a company non-entity. Social Online Marketing with a human face is crucial.

Once you have a presence on Social Networking sites, link them to your website and/or blog. Wherever you want to promote your product or service, or where you actually sell your product or service. Once you’re linked to your main site, get busy. Visit as many pages, profiles, forums, blogs, and communities related to your product, service, niche, industry and topic. Read what others are saying and contribute. Provide free information, opinion, advice, etc. Become a part of the dialogue and you will build rapport. With rapport you’ll begin to see electronic word-of-mouth buzz about your business. Before you know it, your site will have many back links, increased traffic, and increased sales!

When you talk with people using Social Online Marketing, don’t over-sell. Casually mention your product or service with a link to your site or blog. People like to feel like they’re having a genuine discussion that they’re not being sold to.

For any enterprise to be competitive in this day and age, it has to consider edge of social media networks to spread the term about its merchandise and solutions.

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