Smart Ways to Use Lube Around Your House



For your car parts to work efficiently without friction damaging them or causing them to make squeaky noises, frequent lubrication is necessary. Thankfully you can also use your automotive lubricants at home. 

These same lubes used to loosen up bolts on your vehicles can fix various surfaces and structures at home. This is economical as it helps you save up on money that would have otherwise been used to purchase other agents to solve the problems.

More so, these lubricants can sometimes remove tarnish or dirt from surfaces, which would have previously been impossible. Here are some smart ways that you could use lube around your home. 

1. Use it in your locks

Use lube in your locks1

It can get irritating when your door lock keeps jamming whenever you attempt to open your door. Worse still, if you keep ignoring this issue, you may end up breaking your key in your lock’s cylinder in an attempt to forcefully open it. 

However, you can keep your lock’s mechanism in excellent working condition by using a good lubricant.

The first thing to do is to push the dust protector on your lock slightly. This will make it possible for you to get to the lock. Next, you should pump your lube into the lock and use your key to move the cylinder, thus working the lubricant into the door lock. Remember to do the same for the trunk lock as well.

2. Use it in your car door

Use lube in your locks

When you begin to hear squeaks and noises whenever you open your car door, then it is time to do something as your car may need some care. Lubricating the car door will take your vehicle back to the glory of its new days. Even if you can do this by yourself at home, you could hire a professional locksmith to lubricate your car door for excellent and clean results. Recommended lubricants vary, but can include WD-40, Ballistol, and others. Typically, locksmiths don’t recommend using graphite in your locks as the substance can turn into a paste and make your locks seize. 

A professional never forgets to use lubricant during his job as an automotive locksmith. Therefore, you are assured of great results as automotive locksmiths are specialized, and they have lubricated several car doors before. If you are in Colorado and need an automotive locksmith, 1-800-Unlocks recommends this locksmith in Fort Collins as the right choice.

3. Use it on your swing sets

Use it on your swing sets

The swing sets at your home may be a source of joy for your children and maybe even yourself. However, your swing sets need to be maintained as much as any other item or structure at your home. This can be easily accomplished by lubricating the joints on your swing sets. This essentially allows your swings to move more smoothly as well as stop making squeaky noises. Lubricated joints will also reduce the swing sets’ chances of falling off while someone is swinging on them. 

Take away

You can use lubricants for various hacks and to solve unconventional issues, such as removing carpet stains and even polish hardwood floors. Use your lubes in the three above ways, and you will be pleased by their effectiveness.

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