Smart Home Additions that Can Instantly Transform Any Room


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Owning a smart and high-tech home is the latest trend among modern homeowners. Technology allows you to live conveniently and enjoy more productivity. It saves your time and saves you the efforts of managing and organizing your house along with being financially efficient. If you have a busy schedule, a smart home is a must for you.

Renovating your home is not an easy task and selecting the right smart additions adds to the burden. PIXIE smart home systems are a one-stop shop for all the additions you need to uplift your home and transform it into a smart home. Here are some of the must-haves for upgrading to a smart home.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of those latest additions that will make your life easier than you could ever think. You can connect a virtual assistant to almost all of your smart technology, including thermostats and microwave ovens too. It lets you control all the technology with just a voice command. These are compact devices that don’t require much effort to organize and place them. You can just hide it on your bookshelf. With a couple of smart speakers placed around your house, you can keep a check on everything without having to move an inch. 

Learning Thermostat

Installing learning will be the wisest decision on your way to a smart home. You don’t need much technical knowledge and assistance to install it. Just replace your normal thermostat with a Learning Thermostat. Initially, it may not look too different from your standard thermostat, but the results will shock you. 

These thermostats can be set according to your schedule or they can automatically catch up on your schedule thanks to machine learning. Not only this but with machine learning, the temperatures are adjusted automatically according to the global temperature and humidity. You can even set customized temperatures in different rooms and different spaces. 

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Smart Lighting

Similar to learning Thermostats, smart lights alter the lighting according to your schedule, and over time, it adapts to your behavior. Many lights even have motion sensors that sense your movements and turn lights on and off accordingly. It saves a huge amount of electricity and your money too. With time, the performance gets better and increases your home’s efficiency. 

Smart kitchen appliances

Smart kitchen appliances not only help you in the kitchen, but they also look way too good to ignore. From internet-connected food thermometers to smart cookers these appliances will make your life easy. Smart ovens are the latest to join this trend. They can be connected through the internet letting you control the temperatures from anywhere. Some of these models even have cameras inside so you can check what’s cooking inside.

Water Heaters

You don’t pay much attention to your bathroom. After all, we don’t sit in our bathroom the whole day. But if you have a renovation on its way, it is time for you to switch to the latest technology in the most ignored corner of your house. These water heaters are internet-connected and give you remote access. You can set temperatures accordingly from any corner of the world.

USB-C Outlets

USB-C is the future of input-output standards. It is the right time to make this addition to your home as the time has almost come. The world has started to shift to USB-C already. Making this upgrade will save you the stress of carrying power bricks in every single room you go to. 

Smart Garage Doors

A high-tech home setup is incomplete without a smart garage door. It will also allow you to personalize it the way you want. You can choose the build material, insulation, and looks the way you want. The latest smart doors come with cloud integration technology too. They are connected to your smartphone allowing you to send commands with just a single tap on your screen. Some of these doors also come with a  security camera that sends you an alert whenever someone gets unauthorized access.


These smart home applications add significant value to your newly renovated home. They make your life easy. These devices improve your lifestyle and make you more efficient. You become worry-free and can give your best to whatever requires your attention at that moment without worrying. In the new age of technology, where you can get whatever you want, a nice and cozy home is the priority, and switching to smart technology to turn this thought into reality is the way to go.

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