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Small Generators – What to Look for and Where to Find The Best Ones

If you want a small generator then heading to after you have read this article is sure to be very insightful! Best is a great source of generator news, reviews, and guides. All types of generators are covered from big backup generators to smaller portable models.

And it is the smaller portable models I’ am going to be looking at in this piece! Smaller generators are the perfect starting point and the ideal type of generator for people looking for a power source they can actually travel with!

Smaller portable generators have a variety of uses but they can be a little confusing for people completely new to them. So, I have outlined some general guidelines so you know exactly what to look out for when buying one and where to actually go to get the best value.

What To Look For

What To Look For

When you are looking for a smaller portable generator you have 4 main things to look out for. Each person’s needs will be different but these are the 4 main areas to look at.

Fuel Type: The fuel type is essential with any generator but smaller portable generators have more options. There isn’t just gas, diesel and propane there is also solar powered small generators as well. Each type has its own benefits but in my opinion solar powered generators while costing more at first offer the most. They are more fuel efficient, quieter and the most eco-friendly option.

The Power: Smaller generators won’t be able to offer the same high power limits as larger generators but there is still a lot of scope to their power limits. Be careful you don’t buy a generator that can’t power everything you need it to. So, look out for the maximum wattage on any generator you are considering and ensure it can actually power your appliances.

The Outlets: This is another important feature to look out for and something many people forget. A smaller portable generator is a moveable power bank but it will have limited space so make sure you look out for a generator that can actually power everything you need it to. Remember this doesn’t just mean plug sockets but USB slots as well.

The Weight: Finally, make sure you look out for the weight of the generator as even small portable models can be quite heavy. If the generator is to heavy for you to safely move you might need to invest in a wheel kit for easier transport.

Where To Find The Best Small Generators

Where To Find The Best Small Generators
So, now you know the main areas to look out for where do you find the best small generators available? The best place to search is online! There are plenty of specialist websites that focus solely on generators but you can also find them available at camping and RV related shops as well.

Your options when it comes to brick and mortar shops are a bit more limited but if you can find a trade shop you might be able to find something. Although in most cases sticking to websites is going to be your best bet.

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