Small Entryway Ideas: How To Make Your Space Look Bigger


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Poor lighting, clutter, and ugly rugs are some of the most common entryway decorating mistakes, the Wall Street Journal reports. Indeed, despite setting the first impression of your home, entryways, particularly smaller entryways, are often neglected and overlooked. But, no matter how small and unremarkable your entryway may currently be, it’s possible to turn it into a beautiful room its own right with smart design tips.
Opt for a bench instead of a table 
If your hallway is on the smaller side, you may not be able to fit much furniture (if any). And, if there’s not ample space for a console table, there’s no need to force it. Instead, opt for a petite entryway bench as a space-saving yet stylish alternative. Contemporary styles of benches are typically more minimalist in design and therefore avoid overcrowding the space both visually and physically. Slimline benches with straight legs can prevent anything protruding further out than necessary. Alternatively, if storage is a priority, opt for a bench that offers coat racks along with storage under the seat for maximum flexibility.
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Declutter the space 
An organized, clutter-free space isn’t just visually appealing, it’ll also help your entryway look and feel bigger. Narrow entryways, in particular, benefit from not being blocked with unnecessary clutter that disturbs flow and serenity. A simplified design also enhances light quality to further brighten the space. So, keep storage to a minimum; remove tables, racks, or hooks that aren’t essential. Ideally, bulky items like jackets and shoes should be tidied away out of view and accessories kept to a minimum. For example, a simple floating shelf gives you a practical area to store keys and mail without taking up precious floor space. Hanging framed pictures is also an easy way to add streamlined color and interest. A classic matte black frame, for example, can show off artwork well while complementing all styles of decor.
 Be smart with color 
Entryways needn’t be colorless and dull. In fact, the simple addition of your favorite color can transform and liven up the space. However, avoid incorporating too many bold shades in one small space, which can easily end up being overwhelming. Instead, focus on sticking to neutral shades balanced with a complementary bright accent color to make a stylish statement. You could also opt for a colorful print stair runner contrasted against neutral decor, which works to ensure the runner is the sole focus as you enter the house. By adding color and interest with a nice stair runner, you can also avoid the need to paint the rest of your entryway — making it a simple yet effective design choice (however, you can ensure the pattern stands out even more by also painting the stairs white).
Your entryway design shouldn’t be neglected just because it’s small. By adding a petite bench, decluttering, and being smart with color, you can effectively make your entryway look and feel bigger.
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