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Small Bathroom Ideas That Can Save You Money

Redecorating a bathroom isn’t as easy and simple as you ever thought. Even if you have plenty of bathroom ideas in place, you’ll still end up thinking whether you can afford the redesigning or not. Well, here’s the good news –you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to renovate your bathroom into a relaxing, cozy space in your house. There are several ways to get the most out of your ideas on a budget. Here’s what you can do to save mega bucks on your small bathroom ideas.

1. Plan it out before you start

You can only have a successful bathroom remodel if you have a good plan in place before you start. While you want your renovation to be worthy of time, effort and money, be sure you plan everything out properly. For small bathroom ideas, you can take a look at some magazines and other home building and decoration materials. Once you have an idea and budget, then you can speak with a professional to begin the work.

2. Use existing piping

Use existing piping

When it comes to bathroom redesign, the best way to save big bucks is to keep your plumbing where it is. You don’t necessarily need to relocate your utilities like the toilet and bathtub. Besides, placing them in another location would mean another costly and difficult task for you.

3. Consider repainting

Consider repainting
Instead of filling your small bathroom with tiles, you can think about repainting as one of the most effective and cheapest ways to provide it with a refreshing look. However, it’s not going to be an easy work for you. Even if it’s cost-efficient, repainting takes a lot of time and patience. An example of this is to paint the entire area gently and slowly so you’ll not affect your plumbing fixtures. Here we give you tips for painting your house like a pro.

4. Think of alternative to tile

Think of alternative to tile
Of course, a bathroom with tile is lifeless. Yet, the entire area doesn’t have to be tiled up to the ceiling. You can think of alternatives like wood panels which are certainly money-saving. Instead of having an “all-tile” bathroom, there are still options worth trying to give your space a much warmer and comfortable feels than tiles.

5. Go with environment-friendly upgrades

Go with environment-friendly upgrades
If your plumbing fixtures really need replacement, then it’s about time for you to go with green for your upgrades. Updating your small bathroom means keeping the environment in mind. Perhaps, you can save more with low-flow toilets, sinks and shower. Not only that but these can also allow you to conserve water, keeping your water bills low as well.

6. Clean caulk and grout

Another overlooked detail yet a very essential one is caulk and grout. When giving your bathroom a refreshing look, you don’t need to replace everything with new ones. Remember, replacement can be very costly on your end. If you want to spend less with your bathroom renovation, simply clean caulk and grout and you’ll be amazed at what huge difference it can make to your space.

7. Reuse

Even if your plumbing fixtures require replacement, you can have them professionally refinished instead. This is much cheaper than replacing everything and be back to zero. An example of this is your old bathtub. If you don’t want to get rid of this thing, then you can have it relined yourself. However, always take note that refinishing isn’t applicable to all plumbing fixtures. Don’t try it with shower and sink because if you’ll do so, you’ll end up shelling a lot of money in the end.

8. Save on lighting

Save on lighting
Lighting can indeed bright up the room. On one hand, providing light doesn’t necessarily mean using a number of bulb to light up the whole space. Since you only consider a small bathroom for instance, you can opt for a single central lighting without having to modify the wiring. If possible, try to check with your suppliers if they have one-off lights that suit your room. Buying it will surely be a money-saving investment.

9. Go for not-so-expensive countertop

Go for not-so-expensive countertop
Since the bathroom counter is so small, the investment on countertops is fairly low compared to kitchen counters. Hence, splurging on granite countertops is a perfect option. You can actually save here by buying one with little imperfections. In fact, the more obvious the imperfection is, the cheaper the price is. When it comes to the imperfection, nobody will see it anyway if it’s located in a place where your sink basin will take up a lot of surface area.

10. Purchase used plumbing fixtures

Renovating a small bathroom may require you to purchase some fixtures like toilets and showers. So instead of buying new, you can save a ton of money if you purchase them used. There are many home improvement stores online that sell upcycled bathroom accessories. You just have to search and visit the store for better options.

11. Limit the amount of tile

Another low-cost small bathroom ideas is to limit your tile. While tiles get expensive, it will be a great idea to limit its number to suit your budget. For example, you can use one horizontal strip of tile along the wall and do repainting for the rest.

The Bottom Line

Giving your small bathroom a new look doesn’t have to be expensive at all times. There are plenty of redecoration ideas that will transform your space into a cool one without spending mega bucks from the very beginning. By considering the information mentioned in this article, you can get the most out from your bathroom upgrade in a cost-efficient manner. Should you feel the need of hiring plumbing services for your bathroom needs, there are many plumbing professionals out there like Plumber Long Beach who can assist you from start to finish.

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