Sleep Tight: Do’s And Don’ts Of Your Bedroom

The bedroom is an extremely personal space; not only does it act as a sanctuary in your own home, but it also allows you to retain some privacy from the other members of your family. It is also a space where you just lay back, relax and let all the worries of the day simply go. As such, its ambiance and design are extremely important to consider. Further, we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can make your bedroom a more soothing space to be in.

1. Calm, controlled color scheme

Calm, controlled color scheme

The color scheme defines the very ambiance of your bedroom, and in order to have a truly relaxing bedroom interior, you need to lock down on a soothing color palate first. All hues of blue are pretty easy on the eyes, but the lighter shades have an especially tranquil effect on the ambiance. It’s a cool color in general, so its effect on the human psyche is very calming. Other colors that can make your bedroom more relaxing lie in the ‘neutral palate.’ These include beige, oak brown, white, grey and more.

2. Enhancing natural light

Enhancing natural light
Natural light is said to have healing qualities, and having the appropriate window portals that let in an ample amount of sunlight is absolutely essential in the design of a truly relaxing bedroom. Not only will it enhance your mood, it will definitely have a positive effect on your general health as well. You can even have some fun with the window treatments to boot – roller blinds, custom roman shades, and pelmets are an all-time favorite.

3. The Mattress& Accessories

The Mattress & Accessories
The bed is the literal centerpiece of the bedroom, and so it should be as comfortable and as relaxing as possible. You should, therefore, opt for the best mattress and bedcovers. Latex and Memory Foam mattresses are generally used for a more comfortable sleep, and bed sheets with a high thread count are recommended for the softest tactile experience. You can use pillows of several styles and softness to imbue a sense of coziness and comfort in your bedroom designs as well.You can buy those at an affordable price on-line.

4. Customized Artificial Lighting

Customized Artificial Lighting
As far as artificial lighting goes, going with the concept of ‘mood lighting’ is best suited for spaces like bedrooms. The basic idea is to create a soothing ambiance, and glaringly glam drop chandeliers or artsy ceiling lamps are definitely a big no-no – unless you’re trying to make a statement. So if you’re going for a truly calming effect, try to go for accent lighting, dimmable table lamps, and even motion-sensors ceiling lights. All of these allow the user a modicum of control over the intensity of light, which is crucial for a truly customizable space.

5. Declutter away

Declutter away
Clutter is a big “don’t” when it comes to a nice, soothing bedroom design.Who likes being surrounding by useless objects that take away precious space – things like that only pressurize the mind to stow away all those unnecessary objects until your fingers are itching with the urge to organize everything in neat little compartments. So always be very careful about the kind of physical décor you’re using in your bedroom. Stay away from the useless trinkets and baubles – only embellish with things that you find truly precious.

6. Circulation space

Circulation space
This is probably the most underrated part of a successful bedroom design, but note that it is definitely essential. Without an ample amount of circulation space, your bedroom will only seem tiny and claustrophobic. So if your space is small, go for compact furniture, wall-backed layouts, and minimal accessories in order to have a mindful ambiance in your bedroom.

So these are some small but useful hacks that can make your bedroom the best and most soothing part of your homes.Take a look for even more ideas to make your bedroom into the perfect sleeping zone.

Andrea Boffo is CEO of PlusVoucherCode, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.

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