Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

One of the biggest factors to account for when considering the value of a home is its size. Mansions are more expensive, for the most part, than studio apartments. This is so for a good reason – we value having space around us! 

But even if you’re not fortunate enough to live in a massive house, you can still do a great deal to bolster the subjective impression of space around you. Just a few simple steps, in many cases, can make an absolutely huge difference.

Natural light is your friend

A dingy, gloomy space is one that’s likely to feel smaller. If you can’t see the corners of a room, then your brain will naturally assume that the space isn’t as big as it might be in reality. Consequently, the installation of a few mirrors can have a transformative effect on a given space. 

Living room with table

Window treatments tend to impede the flow of light into the room. But some offenders are worse than others. Heavy curtains will prevent light from reaching the corners to either side, even when they’re fully drawn. Lightweight voile curtains and venetian blinds therefore tend to make a worthy addition in darker spaces where that extra bit of light might make a major difference.

Certain spaces, like lofts, might benefit from a skylight or VELUX windows – which will allow large amounts of natural light to get into the home. In certain spaces, they will pay for themselves in terms of the value that they add to the home.


Clutter isn’t just an obstacle to the impression of space – it’s also an impediment to mental well-being more broadly. The way to get around it is to have a ruthless and regular series of clear-outs, where objects that don’t ‘spark joy’ (to use the term popularised by Marie Kondo) are dispensed with. Getting innovative with your storage will also help; items that are stashed beneath beds and behind cupboard doors won’t be consuming space elsewhere.

Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

Go lighter

Darker colours can add to the feeling of cosiness in a space, and they can provide some visual punch where it’s necessary – but they also tend to absorb more light than they reflect. Just think of a dark red wall, and the way that it’ll cause nearby objects to turn slightly red. Go for something light and neutral and enjoy the feeling of light flowing around you.

Use lightweight furniture

Certain items of furniture will consume more space than others – both physically and visually. A big, imposing sofa will draw the eye, but it risks dominating a smaller space. The same applies to coffee tables, bookcases and desks. From the point of view of light distribution, glass tables make a great deal of sense.

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