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Simple Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Above Ground Pool

If you’ve Got an above-ground pool, and haven’t decorated it for the summer, don’t fret! With a few easy suggestions and ideas, you can make your summer getaway appear just as good as those with pricey inground pools!

If done correctly, your swimming pool may be the most gorgeous in the neighbourhood, and your friends will be amazed by your expertise. Then this could be a guide for you to make your above-ground pool clean, neat, and attractive.

The good part is that you may combine many of the suggestions below. Let’s look at some ideas for making your above-ground pool the centre of attention on your patio.

Retaining Wall

Add a retaining wall that matches the pool’s colour and style. Wood panelling with stone (or simulated stone) may give instant intrigue and depth to a room. Do you like a more contemporary vibe? For quick, sleek elegance, explore a concrete block retaining wall.

The retaining walls could be low or high. Low walls are typically used for pools with a depth up to 3 feet, while high walls are typically used for pools over 3 feet. Low walls should be around 2-3 feet tall and placed at least 6 inches away from the pool edge.

Decking and Some Shade

You should add decking and shading to your pool to render it more inviting. It will assist you in combating the heat and maintaining the temperature of your pool.

Add Decking: Add decking around the perimeter of your pool to create a nice-looking edge. Ensure that your decking is at least 12 feet away from the water’s edge so that it doesn’t get wet when people walk on it. Your decking can be made of wood or plastic, but make sure that it is at least 3 inches thick.

Add Shade: Shade is essential for many reasons, not just for a hot day! The shade will help reduce algae growth and keep your pool temperature down, so you cannot use as much chlorine or other chemicals.

Gorgeous Gardening is a must-have.

You can make it look nicer by adding some colour to the landscaping. When installing an above-ground pool, people’s most common mistake is not considering what type of plants and flowers they want in their garden. 

People often think that just any plant will do, but this is not true. You should think about what kind of flowers and plants you want to see in the yard to go with the pool’s design.

The pool’s landscaping is equally as vital as the pool itself. You can add many things like flowers, plants, trees, or a patio to make the space look more natural and inviting for your guests.


Sometimes you should construct walkways around above-ground pools. Making paths around your pool in a yard is the most excellent way to maintain the grass secure from pedestrians wandering on it. A pathway with a gravel rock border will keep your grass safe while also preventing it from growing towards the pool’s borders.


Add Lights

Lighting is an integral part of the pool. It can set the tone and establish an atmosphere. It may also help to set the mood for a party or event. There are many ways to light up your pool, but you need to consider what lighting will work best with your pool. 

Lighting may be divided into incandescent, fluorescent, and LED. Incandescent lights work well for pools because they have a warm glow that doesn’t require too much electricity, and they create a natural colour balance in the water. 

Fluorescent lights are great for pools because they are more energy-efficient and have different colours that you can choose from that match your pool’s aesthetic. LED lights are also great for pools because they create a nice white light with minimal heat.

Step it up a Notch

When looking for a way to make your above-ground pool look more sociable, you have to step it up a notch. You can use some of these simple steps to make your pool stand out.

First, add some decorative rocks around the edge of the pool. Next, add some plants that grow well in pools to provide shade and oxygen for your fish. Finally, add a few pieces of furniture around the pool to feel more like an outdoor living area rather than just an outdoor swimming pool.

A multi-level pool deck, pool ladder (this guide may help you in choosing one) or a pool slide may liven up an otherwise uninteresting outdoor patio area. Adding levels will also help make a tiny space look larger.

Add the Correct Caustic Chemicals

The necessary step in making an above ground pool appear excellent is maintaining the water sparkling clean. This will help eliminate algae and bacteria from the water and give it a nice blue colour. Muriatic acid, sodium hydroxide, and sodium hypochlorite are among the caustic chemicals that may be used to cleanse a pool.

There are various possibilities for beautifying the appearance of an above-ground pool.

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